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Cabinets, Subracks and Consoles for the Rail Industry


Junsin Industry develops solutions for information system integration applications on China’s railway industry.

The company aims to create new technologies, implement standard management procedures, and establish a high-quality brand for the rail transit industry by manufacturing information integration systems that facilitate the development of the sector.

The company’s ‘Wei Sheng’ portfolio comprises a range of diverse products designed to meet the special requirements of different rail industry applications, and can also be customised to accommodate the needs of individual clients.

Electronic equipment integration solutions for the rail sector

Junsin provides equipment for electronic equipment integration, including enclosures, subracks, panel and plug units, and consoles.

Junsin supplies large and small enclosures suitable for containing electronic equipment.
The consoles are provided with concealed hinge door frames or detachable doors.
Subracks offer simple and convenient loading and unloading rail equipment, and feature common and easily replaceable parts.
Small enclosures feature a symmetrical design, allowing doors to be swapped from left to right.
Junsin provides plug-in boxes wth panels made of aluminium magnesium alloys.

The company uses mature theory and professional techniques to provide high-quality, customisable products. From prototype design to processing, Junsin provides customers with comprehensive design services.

Wei Sheng products have been successfully implemented in an array of rail transit sectors, including high-speed rail, subway, light rail and trams. All products comply with ISO 9001 and other system quality requirements.

Enclosures and cabinets for rail equipment

Junsin provides control, combined, IT and outdoor enclosures to suit a variety of applications.

Enclosures are made using stainless and cold-roll steel, as well as feature surfaces treated with nano-film technology, cathodic electrophoresis primers, and exterior powder sprays. They are available in standard or customisable sizes, and comply with the IP55 protection standard.

The enclosures feature a galvanised mounting panel that can be individually packaged to minimise assembly time, and 25 modular holes on the frame ensure flexible and versatile installation

Easy-to-install rail console systems

Junsin is dedicated to the design and manufacture of customised, high-quality console systems.

The company’s easy-to-install consoles feature a simple design suitable for different control industries, and feature concealed hinge door frames and detachable doors for extra convenience.

Small enclosures and subracks

Junsin offers a variety of small enclosures that can be placed on the ground or on walls for a range of different applications. Featuring single or double doors, the company’s cabinets are designed to meet the IP65 production grade.

The small enclosures have a symmetrical design, allowing doors to be swapped from left to fight, and are welded and moulded more reliably than competing products.

Junsin also supplies a variety of subracks, which feature replaceable parts and can be used to optimise loading and unloading procedures.

Plug-in boxes for electronic equipment

Junsin’s series of plug-in boxes are available in a range of different sizes to facilitate the installation and use of electronic equipment.

Plug-in boxes can be installed to facilitate maintenance, and easily replaced without hindering the use of other systems.

Precision sheet metal welding and system integration tests

Junsin has more than ten years of experience in rolling stock, communication signalling equipment, and parts for the rail transportation industry.

The company has also obtained the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), as well as EN15085-CL1 rail traffic welding system authentication.

Junsin’s highly trained R&D team has continuously made efforts to improve the company’s railway system integration technology.

About Junsin

Due to its professionalism and high-quality service, Junsin has attracted a number of well-known partners worldwide and cooperated on projects with other rail companies, including Alstom and Bombardier.

The company successfully built a console system for the tram project in the Shenzhen Longhua district and the signal integration system of the Chengdu IT Avenue tram with Kasco.

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