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Locomotive Repower, Overhaul and Upgrade Solutions

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Higher Power Industries (HPI)

Higher Power Industries (HPI) offers a full range of rail services, from locomotive repower and overhaul, to consulting and project management.

Locomotive repower engine services

HPI provides a cost-effective and performance-enhanced solution to locomotive repower services.

The company has various options for medium and high-RPM engines, in addition to braking, cooling, emission-reducing, microprocessor, propulsion, and fuel-saving upgrades.

HPI ships a wide range of locomotive products worldwide.
The company offers cost-effective and performance-enhanced locomotive repower solutions.
HPI’s overhaul and upgrades incorporate state-of-the-art technology.
HPI follows industry quality standards on EMD, GE and Alco locomotive rebuilds.
The company’s experience and knowledge enables it to manage various locomotive projects, ranging from small to extensive.
Higher Power Industries offers a complete line of locomotive leasing, sales and services to suit the client’s requirements.
HPI offers a vast selection of locomotive renewal parts, specialising in EMD and GE components, such as traction motor and electronics rebuilds, starters and gear cases.

Overhaul and upgrades of locomotives

HPI’s innovative, cost-efficient solutions extend an asset’s service life between 15 and 20 years, while incorporating the latest technologies.

These renovations include in-car body top decks, and complete strip and remanufacture services.

Rail rebuilding, consulting and engineering services

HPI rebuilds Electro-Motive Division (EMD), General Electric (GE) and Alco locomotives following the industry’s OEM and AAR M 1003 quality standards. The company also creates manufacturing processes with guaranteed compliance to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

HPI’s engineering capabilities include experience in material selection and respective property development processing, as well as 3D Pro E or AutoCAD modelling.

The company’s consulting services help clients to evaluate their additional operations and resolve manufacturing issues in locomotive engine rebuild facilities by employing specific manufacturing principles and developing continuous improvement projects.

Rail project management

Higher Power Industries offers management services for a variety of locomotive projects.

These solutions include:

  • Contract maintenance
  • Locomotive overhaul, rehabilitation and re-power
  • Renewal parts stocking / inventory control
  • Microprocessor retrofit
  • Inventory, labour and maintenance management
  • On-site customer project management

Locomotive leasing

Higher Power Leasing Services provides a comprehensive line of locomotive, leasing, sales and services.

The firm supplies a combination of financial and mechanical services to suit the requirements of the client, such as:

  • Lease back and purchase options
  • Short and long-term leasing
    • Net lease: leaser carries maintenance and repair responsibility
    • Full-service lease: lessee carries maintenance and repair responsibility

Locomotive renewal parts

HPI provides a range of new and rebuilt products, with a focus on EMD and GE components, in addition to detailed assembly parts.

The rebuild service can be UTEX, repair and return, or as a rebuilt outright sale.

HPI rebuilds a selection of locomotive components, including:

  • Alternators / (auxiliary) generators
  • Electronics
  • Engines
  • Generators
  • Gear cases
  • Fans and compressors
  • Starter and traction motors

About HPI

HPI’s products and services provide a wide range of specifications such as applications, locomotive models and environmental conditions.

The company’s experience is incorporated into the design, manufacture, and delivery of reliable products specific to the client’s application.


  • H3 Hybrid Shunting Locomotive Project

    The H3 Hybrid Shunting Locomotive Project involves the development and testing of five new-generation locomotives based on hybrid technology (electric batteries and/or generators).

Higher Power Industries
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