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Sale and Leasing of Used Locomotives, Rail Cars, Coaches, DMUs

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HEROS sells and leases second-hand locomotives, cars and coaches, diesel multiple units (DMUs) and rail cars, with or without overhaul, modification or refurbishment.

The main benefits for the customer are reduced investments and efficient delivery time.

Used rolling stock is successfully implemented at state and private railways, as well as for temporary testing of new services, bridging the time to the delivery and homologation of new units.

Diesel Locomotives type BR218 with 2MW Diesel engines and a top speed of 140km/h or 100km/h, depending on mode of operation.
Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) with two or three cars and top speeds of 120km/h or 140km/h.
RIC coaches have a top speed of 200km/h and short brake distances.
Regional coaches are available and offer high capacity and efficiency.

Sale of used rolling stock for railways

HEROS supplies analysis and consultancy for solutions to meet customers’ individual transport requirements for sale, as well as a reliable assessment of rolling stock that considers actual market values.

Based on conventional rolling stock instead of brand new material, HEROS extends economical and functional concepts for individual transport requirements. Often this leads to lower investments and shorter delivery times.

HEROS can combine the delivery of locomotives, cars and coaches with modification, refurbishment and overhaul. HEROS supports transport operators by training maintenance workers and drivers.

Leasing of passenger coaches, locomotives and diesel multiple units

HEROS Rail Rent GmbH, an affiliate of HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH, offers leasing concepts for passenger coaches, locomotives and diesel multiple units.

The main types of leasing are:

  • Full service: leasing including complete maintenance
  • Shared service: maintenance in customers workshop with technical supervision by HEROS
  • Material service: spare-parts included
  • Dry lease

HEROS can adapt leasing types to individual solutions that combine the operator’s market position with the variety of HEROS rolling stock.

Valuation of railway vehicles

HEROS valuates rolling stock for third-parties with regard to technical and commercial values of their individual vehicles.

Based on expertise from numerous purchase, leasing and sale projects, market knowledge is made available to owners of rolling stock.

HEROS valuations consist of:

  • Estimation of the current technical and market values of rolling stock
  • Development of the value depending on technical improvements
  • Consulting regarding effective merchandising and marketing

An exact knowledge of rolling stock’s market value is key for decisions regarding investment in existing rolling stock versus purchase of new rolling stock.

Analysis of rolling stock by an experienced third party is helpful with regard to commercial aspects, and for a realistic position in case of a sale.

If a sale of used rolling stock is prepared correctly, this leads to significantly higher yields.

Testing services and systems by AREVA

HEROS Rail Rent GmbH and AREVA GmbH cooperate on the marketing of testing systems and mobile testing of axles and wheels, as well as additional consulting, laboratory, and testing services in connection with the construction and maintenance of railway rolling stock.

AREVA is well known in the market of high-technology solutions for power generation and many different types of material testing. Traceability requirements, for example, are at least as high in nuclear power services as in the transportation field.

AREVA supplies various systems and services for testing axles. A testing team is equipped with recently developed mobile semi-automatic testing devices, which can perform high-quality ultrasonic analysis on-site. The testing time is approximately 20 minutes per axle.

AREVA also provides high-quality testing systems such as:

  • A fully automated under-floor inspection system (UFPE): a system installed in a pit. The wheel-set does not need to be removed from the vehicle for testing. The remote-controlled UFPE moves to each wheel-set, checking each wheel in a fully automated procedure that takes 15 minutes per wheel-set. Highest safety standards and full traceability in trains is combined with the lowest downtimes
  • An ultrasonic inspection system (UIS): a stationary testing device for solid axles, which is fed with wheel-sets and checks them automatically in a short time and with reliable identification of faults
  • A fully automated inspection system (AURA2): tests wheels composed into wheel-sets. AURA2 uses a fully automated procedure to check removed wheel-sets in 15 minutes per set. Full traceability is ensured

Apart from these testing systems and services, AREVA specialises in material and welding consulting, as well as root cause analysis and trouble-shooting. Such material services not only include the handling of failure cases, but also the elaboration of adequate, tailored solutions to avoid defects in the future.


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