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Power System Stability for Rail Infrastructure and Systems

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Power system failures in a railway’s electrical infrastructure could bring an entire line to a stop. GE Digital Energy helps to ensure the power systems remain stable, while reliable uninterruptible power supplies provide continuous emergency backup power for control systems.

GE Digital Energy delivers advanced technologies on an individual component level, as well as on a full-scale system level. It develops leading solutions for reliable power quality, management, transformers, protection and control, and monitoring and diagnostics of power assets.

Uninterruptible power supplies

GE offers power quality solutions for reliable yard and facility power. It ensures a constant supply of clean power with highly efficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and protects sensitive electronic equipment with surge protective devices (SPD). GE offers management for backup generator start-up and synchronization with paralleling switchgear (PSG) and management for the seamless transfer of critical loads to emergency power using automatic transfer switches (ATS).

GE’s Multilin line of power system protection, control and management solutions help ensure dependable and safe power for freight, commuter and transit lines. To support customer’s access to information about their power systems, GE Multilin offers a series of industrial and commercial meters that provide accurate energy metering and advanced power quality monitoring throughout a rail yard and other facilities.

SG Series UPS features high output performance, efficiency and functionality in a reduced footprint, and includes front access, internal harmonic filtering, 99% operating efficiency, and fused surge protection.
Multilin meters provide a total picture of power usage and power quality at different points within a power distribution network, allowing operators to make power-related decisions quickly and effectively.

Capacitors, distribution transformers and voltage regulators

GE’s portfolio of capacitors, transformers and voltage regulators are designed, manufactured and tested to provide customers with flexible, reliable and advanced power delivery solutions. The line of Prolec liquid-filled distribution transformers meet or exceed applicable ANSI and IEEE standards and are used in a wide range of rail applications.

The Prolec GE compartmental-type three-phase pad-mounted commercial transformers have high voltages up to 34.5kV and ratings up to 5,000kVA (ONAN).

Designed to meet IEC 871, IEEE 18 and CSA ratings, GE’s capacitor units for power factor correction applications have been made to meet diverse needs for increased durability and tolerance of harmonics and transients.

GE’s monitoring and diagnostic solutions help yard operators optimize their power equipment, avoid unplanned outages and failures, and minimize costs. The advanced solutions monitor and manage critical assets on the electrical grid, detect and diagnose issues, and provide expert services to assist customers.

With a variety of sensors being deployed to capture data about transformers, GE Digital Energy provides incremental transformer solutions to capture this data and turn it into usable information.

One-phase and three-phase UPS products

GE provides a complete range of both one-phase and three-phase UPS products to ensure a constant supply of clean and reliable power for rail applications.

The SG Series UPS is one of the best performing three-phase UPS systems, providing critical power protection for a wide range of mission critical applications. Every SG Series UPS system operates in double conversion mode with true continuous online voltage and frequency independent (VFI) operation, yielding the maximum levels of power reliability for all mission critical applications.

Power quality monitoring systems for railways

GE Multilin offers a series of industrial and commercial meters that provide accurate energy metering and advanced power quality monitoring throughout a rail yard and other facilities.

GE Multilin’s power management control system (PMCS) is a completely customized solution that enables operators to gather, sort, analyze, report and control electric flow through a facility.

PMCS provides real-time system monitoring and control of key facility operations equipment such as UPS, power distribution units, meters, security devices, as well as building management devices such as pumps, air conditioners, and fire suppression.

Dissolved gas analysis devices

GE’s Kelman line of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) devices enables precise online monitoring of transformers using multiple fault gas DGA.

TRANSFIX is an eight-gas online transformer DGA monitoring unit. Using specially developed advanced photo-acoustic detection technology, TRANSFIX measures all significant fault gases (in ppm) as outlined by international standards as well as moisture in oil.

Power sensing equipment

GE’s ITI products are designed to enable the protection of equipment. They include current and voltage transformers, test switches, control switches, lockout relays, three-phase voltage monitors, ground fault detection systems, and power control components.

Brushing current transformers (BCTs) are designed for indoor and outdoor metering and relaying applications for high-voltage circuit breakers and power transformers.

GE’s newest ITI offering, MV outdoor voltage transformers, are available at 60Hz from 15kV-35kV. HCEP epoxy and automated pressure gelation are combined to produce the highest quality and reliability for outdoor applications.

Wireless asset monitoring products

Secure wireless asset monitoring from GE MDS allows rail operators to monitor, control and automate yards and devices along the track. GE has a large portfolio of products that support remote control locomotives, automatic hydraulic switching, condition monitoring and workforce automation, as well as locomotive, wayside and base station communications and code line replacement.


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2018 Powers Ferry Rd
Atlanta, Georgia
United States of America

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