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Australian Rail Technology (ART) is a leading provider of rail solutions. It is a system and technology integrator of complex rolling stock, electrical and infrastructure systems.

ART supplies an extensive range of premium, innovative rail technology, products and fit-for-purpose solutions. Its repairs, upgrades and overhauls service is led by a team of experts offering fast response with a focus on efficiency and safety. The company’s capabilities extend to a wide range of design, manufacture and supply of custom electronic, mechanical and electromechanical equipment.

Specialised solutions for the rail industry

Australian Rail Technology continuously extends its product range through increasing its agency and partnership with other companies and manufacturers.

ART has extensive product knowledge, including:

  • Rolling stock
  • Infrastructure
  • Signals
  • Design engineers
  • Manufacturing (build to design / print), engineering disciplines.
  • Project management
  • Systems and technology
  • Condition monitoring (fire)
  • Passenger information
  • Systems integrations
  • Electrical products

ART provides maintenance and repair services led by a team of experts offering fast response with a focus on efficiency and safety for:

  • Rolling stock electronic equipment
  • Drivers’ desk components
  • Data loggers
  • Vigilance control gear

Train control and management systems (TCMS)

Australian Rail Technology is the agent for EKE products and its expertise ranges from developing complete train control and management systems (TCMS) or train communication networks (TCN) to providing specific technology such as gateways or event recorders (JRU).

Passenger information display systems (PIDS)

Australian Rail Technology supplies INFOTEC on-vehicle passenger information displays.

While many of the requirements for on-vehicle displays are very similar to those of stationary displays, there is a need in moving rail or road vehicles to have higher specifications, particularly in terms of environmental robustness such as operating temperature, EMI, shock and vibration.

Electrical solutions

ART specialises in tailored solutions, integrating systems and projects with a reputation that is built on engineering safety, quality and innovation.

Drivers and observers display

Australian Rail Technology is able to meet customer demands regarding all aspects of the driver’s desk and surroundings. It has designed and built panel layouts incorporating backlit LED lights, push buttons, toggles, joysticks, rotary switches and relays from leading international manufacturers.

Speedo and digital displays

Australian Rail Technology additionally produces Speedo BCP1 & BCP2, MR and BPP displays for brake pressure gauges, drivers desk gauges and instruments. Data is presented in the form of an LED bar-graph and a digital numeric display. The unit is available in a range of inputs, ranges, power supplies and rear connector options.

Vigilance systems

Using highly reliable state machines based on complex programmable logic device (CPLD), instead of software and microprocessors, Australian Rail Technology has the capability to provide custom designs.

Vigilance systems are designed to monitor the train driver’s alertness and to ensure that the driver is actively driving the train.

Headlights, taillights and marker LED Lights

High-output LEDs provide superior illumination in terms of distance and colour, as well as offering long life and reliable performance.

ART’s lamps directly fit to most front and rear-style lamp holders. Each headlamp system includes a remotely mounted power supply and control box. Light output can be configured to match either 200W or 350W sealed beams units.

Traction and regeneration

ART can offer energy storage systems for electrical rolling stock to recover energy and reduce wear on brakes.

Advantages include:

  • Energy recovery by electric regenerative braking
  • Increasing of lifetime of consumable braking parts and electric equipment
  • Decreasing of air pollution in tunnel and passenger stations
  • Increasing of precision stop under ATO operation

Enclosures and junction boxes

ART specialises in ruggedised enclosures for mounting under frame on board passenger and freight rolling stock. Its designs can include IP ratings, high-voltage components, waterproof penetrations and impact protection according to the customer’s specifications.

Pantograph collision detection system (PCDS)

ART’s PCDS solution provides the ability to identify potential rail network disruptions before they occur due to faulty overhead components.

The solution identifies an overhead support component that is loose or defective, incorrectly installed, worn-out from general wear and tear, previously damaged by a passing train or vandalised.

Track magnet detectors for station protection and automatic power control

ART’s track magnet receiver (TMR) is the next evolution in reliable magnetic field sensing for Australian rail networks.

Modern processing techniques and proven circuits enable accurate detection of north and south magnetic fields generated by track magnets or inductors. The device provides threshold switched outputs and is fully user configurable.

Magnet receivers form a key role in train safety systems such as automatic power control (APC) and automatic warning system (AWS) where reliability is crucial.

About Australian Rail Technology

ART continues to achieve the high-quality manufacturing standards set by its predecessors Multi-Contact Australia, Edward Keller Australia and DKSH Australia.

The company is QA-certified by DLIQ to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and is compliant to EN50155.


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  • Valley Line LRT, Edmonton

    Valley Line is a proposed light rail transit (LRT) system that will connect Mills Woods in the south-east and Lewis Farms in the west, through downtown Edmonton in Canada.

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