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Lightweight Structural Parts and Components

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Airex Composite Structures (ACS) develops designs and manufactures lightweight structural parts and components for the transportation industry.

Train cabins, sidewalls, sandwich roofs and floors

Highly skilled and motivated staff create a wide portfolio of composite products, from cabins and sidewalls to sandwich roofs and floors for rail vehicles, using state-of-the-art composite technology and advanced design and manufacturing methods.

Customised train body-structure components and assembled modules

Using the multi-material and multi-process approach, ACS is able to shape customised solutions and processes. Its services range from development of raw part production up to JIT deliveries of assembled modules.

3-D, flat and single-curved sandwich components for trains

ACS offers a diversified portfolio of large-scale 3-D, flat and single-curved sandwich components:

ACS provided cabin, fairings and sidewalls, fibre-reinforced sandwich components, roofs and floors, and sandwich panels with aluminium skin and rigid foam core for the COBRA LRV.
FLIRT regional train's cabins are produced from ACS vacuum-assisted resin infusion technology (VAC).
The TRANSRAPID Shanghai magnetic levitation vehicle's cabin is the largest single-piece fibre-reinforced front module worldwide.
ACS vacuum bonding technology is used for various roofs and intermediate floors for rail vehicles and buses ready for processing.
ACS VAC is used on raw cabins ready for assembly and paintwork.
  • Cabins, raw or assembled
  • Sidewalls and covers
  • Roofs or equipped roof modules
  • Floors for covering or structural usage
  • Hatches for exterior or interior applications
  • Acoustically insulated sandwich panels
  • Fire-protected sandwich panels
  • Structural reinforcements in general

Injected or bonded sandwich structures for trains

Injected or bonded sandwich structures with the best weight/stiffness ratio are designed to meet challenging customer needs and specifications, with regard to high duty performance, thermal and acoustic insulation, penetration resistance, fire protection and general mechanical properties.

Required mechanical, thermal and acoustic properties of ACS’ sandwich applications are achieved by combining corresponding skin and core materials as well as by integration of profiles and local reinforcements.

Lightweight composite components for train modules

ACS lightweight components radically simplify assembly, dramatically reduce assembly times and cut costs correspondingly. Moreover the use of system components guarantees competitive pricing combined with conventional rolling stock production.

Main advantages at a glance:

  • Pre-assembled construction modules with high degree of function integration
  • Excellent weight/stiffness ratio
  • Good corrosion and aging/fatigue resistance
  • High potential for the integration of inlays, channels, profiles and local reinforcements
  • Cut-outs and breakthroughs possible at a later stage
  • High structural damage resistance and approved standardised repair methods
  • Approved joining solutions for optimised assembly process
  • Close tolerances
  • Low tooling investment required

Inspired by courageous visions, ACS is your partner of choice for advanced solutions in terms of comfort, safety, performance and sustainability.

ISO and OHSAS certification

ACS’ products meet the highest quality standards in a cost-effective way. The reliability of the products in daily use and the excellent supply services are the basics for the sustainable success of our customers.

ACS is certified to ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and DIN 6701.

The company is part of Schweiter Technologies.


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