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Texat decor engineering

Interiors for Railways: Upholstery Fabric, Floor Coverings, and Rollerblind Systems

Texat decor engineering (Tde) offers shading systems for railway driver cabs and passenger compartments, and also supplies floor coverings and upholstery fabrics in cooperation with long-standing partners.

Hölzliwisenstrasse 12,
CH-8604 Volketswil,

Hölzliwisenstrasse 12,
CH-8604 Volketswil,

Texat decor engineering (Tde) offers shading systems for railway driver cabs and passenger compartments, and also supplies floor coverings and upholstery fabrics in cooperation with long-standing partners.

We also offer various specialist products and strive to find an appropriate solution for all needs our clients may have in interior design.

Anti-dust mats and carpet-based coverings for railway passenger compartments, entrance areas and driver cabs

A defining feature of Tde’s anti-dirt mats and carpets is that the majority of dirt and moisture is retained in the entrance area. Our carpets also have the benefit of an open structure, highly durable material and rapid installation and replacement thanks to special backings.

Floor coverings are quick drying and easily cleaned, and can also be customised with intarsia designs and finished edges.

Easy-care heavy-duty seat covers for trains

Functionality, design, quality and the use of flame-resistant and easy-care fabrics, suitable for very heavy-duty use, are the main requirements for train seat covers.

Many of our designs are custom-made and include the production of fabrics to suit the individual corporate identity of a company. In conjunction with our partner, we design new colour schemes or a completely new fabric design according to specifications.

The seat and back covers are laminated to make them waterproof, which extends the service-life of upholstery significantly.

Adjustable fire-tested roller blinds

Important criteria for roller blind systems include quiet operation, full height adjustability and the use of fire-tested materials in modifiable colours. The elements we supply are ready-to-fit, so installation is easy to integrate into the production process.

Ease-of-service, alongside low life-cycle costs (LCC), is also an important factor in the customer’s purchasing decision.

Customer collaboration and European transport links

We aim to work with designers and engineers from the start of the project. In practice, we are often given concept drawings, or take measurements directly from the carriage and then translate the requirements into custom-made products using CAD and / or prototypes.

More and more people are using public transport, so its performance must be continuously improved. This means that the requirements placed on vehicle designs are becoming increasingly complex.

To meet these demands, we develop ideas and translate them into new products, services or processes that are then introduced successfully into the market.

We have recently established close business links with a major European public transport service provider and hope that this will increase the distribution of our products to air, bus, and ship travel environments.

Past projects have included Switzerland’s Golden Pass Line with anti-slip coasters or, outside the rail industry, supplying components for blood analysers to an international pharmaceutical company.

About Texat decor engineering

TDE turns great ideas into efficient and cost-effective solutions. With our small, motivated team, we understand how to satisfy our customers with innovative solutions and high-quality service.

Texat decor engineering – First Class Interiors

Texat decor engineering AG is a Swiss engineering and trading company established in 1990 in Zurich. As a successful and expert partner for innovative solutions, as well as new developments in the field of railway interiors and related industries, our focus is on your interests.

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Texat decor engineering AG

Hölzliwisenstrasse 12

CH-8604 Volketswil