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nora systems

nora® Rubber Floors for Public Transport

nora systems produces a variety of rubber floors for transportation and non-transportation applications, known under the trade names of norament® and noraplan®. The extensive range of transport application areas for nora floor coverings and stair treads include light and heavy rail vehicles, high speed trains, people movers, subways, buses and marine applications.

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nora systems produces a variety of rubber floors for transportation and non-transportation applications, known under the trade names of norament® and noraplan®. The extensive range of transport application areas for nora floor coverings and stair treads include light and heavy rail vehicles, high speed trains, people movers, subways, buses and marine applications.

For more than 50 years, nora systems has been transforming rubber into floor coverings, ensuring floorings of superlative quality based on innovative development work, groundbreaking production processes and uncompromising quality assurance. This is all produced in true trend-setting designs and colours.

nora systems’s extensive knowledge of rubber floorings stretches from a deep technical understanding to a thorough knowledge of installation techniques, national and international standards, as well as the impact rubber floor coverings can have on the environment.

nora® rubber flooring

nora® floor coverings are well prepared to meet all specific requirements in the worldwide transportation business. Leaving our customer satisfied is of utmost priority. We take pride in our diverse worldwide projects: people movers in Las Vegas, ICE bistro wagons for DB, metro Taipei in Taiwan, Amtrak metro liner, CITADIS in Montpellier, Orleans, Lyon, Valenciennes and Dublin, tramways in Berlin and Rome, TER X73500 and TER X72500 in France and the renovation of nearly 1,200 New York subway cars using approximately 113,000m² of noraplan®.

Advantages of rubber floor coverings

There are a number of reasons why nora® rubber floor coverings are our customers’ number one choice:

  • Free of PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) and halogens (for example chlorine)
  • Extraordinary wear-resistance: extremely long lifespan, thus less frequent need of renovation and disposal
  • Dirt-repellent and easy to clean surface: thanks to its extremely dense surface and nora cleanguard®, the factory post-curing surface finishing
  • No need for extra coating: significantly reduced care and maintenance costs as well as wastewater loading
  • Outstanding fire-protection properties: fire/smoke behaviour tested according to EN 13 501-1, DIN 5510-2, NF F 16-101, ASTM E-648 and E-662, BS 476 p.7, BS 6853 App. B.5.4, UIC-Codex 564-2/12.
  • Carbonisation gases are non-toxic; no corrosive vapours, no source for dioxins and furans occur. (Please contact us for further details on compliance with additional international fire-protection standards.)
  • Permanent resilience: lasting high walking comfort
  • Excellent footfall sound absorption: insulation values up to 20dB
  • Dimensionally stable: does not contain any plasticizers thus is shrinkage resistant
  • Resistant to cigarette burns: no surface damage
  • Antistatic properties: no electrostatic charge build-up from walking, thus no perceptible discharges
  • Environmentally safe: made of high-quality rubber, mineral fillers, and environmental friendly colour pigments
  • Free from asbestos, cadmium, CFCs and formaldehyde
  • Easy disposal

Visit our website for more detailed information on nora® floor coverings, accessories and our business philosophy.

nora systems develops, produces and markets high-quality, resilient floor coverings as well as shoe components under the brand name nora®. The company, headquartered in Weinheim, was founded in 2007 (formerly as Freudenberg Bausysteme) and has been shaping the development of rubber floor coverings for years as worldwide leading manufacturer. We have more than 1,100 employees within the company and enjoyed a turnover of approximately €205.8m in 2012.

Exhibitions in 2014

nora systems will be exhibiting at InnoTrans, a railway technology exhibition for both buyers and sellers in the passenger and freight transport technology industries, on 23 to 26 September, in Berlin, Germany. nora systems will be found at Hall 3.1, booth number 106.

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