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Wheelchair Access Ramps and Lifts

Train Lift Access System

PALFINGER develops and manufactures passenger systems for public transport, to facilitate boarding and alighting for passengers in wheelchairs.

We offer our customers full service and support in respect to engineering, such as feasibility studies and technical documentation as well as technical service.

Access lifts for wheelchair users in trains

The MBB TRAINLIFT is mounted inside the carriage and is specifically designed for use on high-speed and regional trains with a lifting height of 1,000mm. It provides a safe and comfortable way for wheelchair users to board and alight.

We offer special vehicle-mounted lift solutions for new trains and retrofitting projects to be installed in existing modernised vehicles.

The MBBTrainlift TR (ET 425 model) is semi-automatic. It is easy to use and very reliable.
The MBBTrainlift TR (model TR 1000) in the ÖBB Railjet, designed for a lifting height up to 1,000mm.
The MBB Trainlift TR800, shown in the Deutsche Bahn Velaro D Train, designed for lifting up to 800mm.
PALFINGER offers wheelchair lift solutions as original equipment or for retrofitting. TRAINLIFT interfaces can be changed individually according to the technical requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.
The MBB Medilift SB300, shown in a Bombardier GT8N1 tram, is a fully automatic solution for low floor trams.
The MBB Medilift LB 300, shown in a bus of the BSAG Bremen, is a fully automatic solution for low-floor buses.
The MBB Mediramp FV (floor version), a competitively priced ideal solution to overcome access problems. The ramp is integrated into the vehicle floor of the vehicle.
The MBB Euron I ramp is a fully automatic cassette ramp solution for low-floor vehicles and also easy to retrofit for old vehicles.
TRAINLIFT TRB 1200 for Russia is particularly designed for low temperatures, equipped with a cylinder heating system.
The proven design of the TRAINLIFT TR from PALFINGER has set a high standard of reliability and safety.

MBB TRAINLIFT models meet all legal requirements, such as TSI-PRM in case of capacity, platform size and safety features.

PALFINGER offers customers various options such as covers, platform lights, additional signals, special covers, colours and designs. Our service fulfils the demanding requirements of the railway industry.

More than 1,000 units of MBB TRAINLIFT units are currently in service in Germany and worldwide.

Vehicle mounted lifts are time-saving and comfortable for the operator and the wheelchair user with the boarding operation only taking two minutes.

PALFINGER has nearly 30 years of experiences in successful design, manufacturing and worldwide sales of passenger systems.

Automatic wheelchair lifts and ramps for low-floor buses and trams

The MBB MEDILIFT is a fully automatic lift providing the ideal solution to give wheelchair users access to low floor buses and trams. The lifts are integrated in the vehicle floor and of course into the vehicle safety system.

The wheelchair user alerts the driver that the lift is needed by simply pushing the button located by the entrance door and the driver operates the lift using remote control.

This is the most comfortable way for the wheelchair passengers to use independently public transport. The additional advantage of the MEDILIFT is that it goes to ground level, which is important in historic cities where no station kerbs are available.

The MBB MEDIRAMP is the fully automatic ramp, which is installed in low floor buses and trams which circulate in various European cities like Paris, Madird and London with standard station kerbs.

Transport projects that have incorporated the MBB MEDILIFT include T1 Avenio for trams, which are built by Siemens for Munich, the MEDILIFT LB 300 for EvoBus buses, which circulate in Bremen (BSAG) and the SB 300 for Niigata in Japan.


PALFINGER Tail Lifts GmbH, based in north Germany, is part of the PALFINGER Group, a global market leader in production and sales of cranes.

We are also an international market leader for reliable and safe wheelchair access ramps and lifts for trains, buses and trams.



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