The MBB Trainlift is mounted inside the carriage entrance (minimum aperture width is 850mm) and is specially designed for using on high speed and regional trains with a maximum lifting height of 1,200mm. It provides a safe and comfortable way for wheelchair users to board and alight.

MBB Palfinger offers very special vehicle mounted lift solutions, due to their swivel mechanism function. This function is a unique selling proposition for MBB Palfinger in the market. Furthermore MBB Trainlift models meet all legal requirements, like TSI-PRM in case of capacity, platform size and safety features. MBB Palfinger offers their customers various options like covers for the Trainlifts which protect the lift against vandalism when stowed in parking position.

Currently more than 1,000 MBB Trainlift units are in service in Germany and throughout the world.

A new MBB Palfinger development is the Trainlift TRB 1200 for Russia with a lifting height of maximum 1200 mm. It was delivered to Moscow in 2013. These lifts are designed for low temperatures according to the local regulation GHOST. These lifts run with special oil and they are equipped with a cylinder heating system.

The corresponding tests of the Trainlift platform were successfully passed and certified.

In addition to the MBB Palfinger swivel lift product range, a one arm linear wheelchair lift (vertical lift) for trains is under development. This Trainlift can be easily fitted or retrofitted into most train carriages. This new vertical lift will be available at the beginning of 2015.