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Railway Safety Systems for Level Crossings and Maintenance Activities

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WaveTrain Systems AS

WaveTrain Systems develops state-of-the-art products dedicated to safety in railway environments, particularly at level crossings.

WaveTrain is committed to the reduction of causalities caused by substandard railway safety requirements. All WaveTrain products follow EU standards and regulations. Development and production of our products are in accordance with safety integrity level (SIL) standards and requirements, regulated by CENELEC.

Level crossing warning systems to reduce accidents and injuries

Each year in Europe, there are more than 1,200 accidents and 330 casualties that occur at level crossings. The total cost to society amounts to more than €1.415bn a year.

The WaveTrain Systems solution has been proven to reduce the risk of accidents and casualities at level crossings.
The system components are easily installed on both sides of the level crossing, and can be combined with other safety alert systems, such as sounders and barriers.

WaveTrain aims to reduce this amount, and has developed a technology which gives adjustable warnings of approaching trains. The WaveTrain Systems Level Crossing Warning System detects trains approaching level crossings and activates an alert.

The type of alert indicator can be chosen by the customer to suit their specific crossing environment. The most popular choices include lights, sounds and descending warning bars.

Identifying approaching trains from generated signals

Rather than relying on detection methods, which require cabling alongside the track, several hundred meters in each direction, WaveTrain has developed a unique acoustic detection system which identifies an approaching train via signals generated through the rails.

The Level Crossing Warning System is generally installed within 15m of the crossing itself. The close vicinity of the hardware reduces the likelihood of vandalism or theft of materials. Theft of cabling is a problem across the whole rail industry, which WaveTrain has addressed by not using any copper cables in their products. In addition, by installing the system as close to the level crossing as possible, the accuracy of warnings is improved.

About WaveTrain Systems

WaveTrain Systems was founded in August 2009 as a result of research and development carried out by NORSAR, one of the owners of WaveTrain and internationally recognised geo-science researchers. WaveTrain’s primary owner is Norsk Innovasjonskapital, a venture capital fund, which has invested successfully in businesses over the last 20 years.


  • Arna-Bergen Railway Line

    The single-track Arna-Bergen railway line in Norway is being converted into a double-track route to facilitate increased speed and more flexible traffic evolution.

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