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Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Equipment

ZI Le Grand Clos,
F-49649 Daumeray Other,

Rivard develops, designs and manufactures equipment and vehicles for the maintenance of railway infrastructure.

Rail track, trackside and tunnel maintenance, sewage, and cleaning equipment

Our offer includes equipment for the maintenance of track, trackside maintenance vehicles, tunnel maintenance equipment, sewage vehicles and custom-designed railway equipment for cleaning purposes.

Tunnel boring and tunnel maintenance equipment

Rivard offer tunnel boring machine (TBM) vacuum cleaners, high pressure and vacuum excavating units used for cleaning heavy waste during the construction stage; high-pressure hydro-demolition units for foundation maintenance; specific vacuum unit to collect rail grinding residue; tunnel cleaning units; and tunnel-wall cleaning units.

Track maintenance equipment

Rivard provides units for cleaning and degreasing tracks for railways, subways, metros or tramways. These high-pressure units are designed for the maintenance of tracks and any associated features.

Rail-sewer cleaning units

Rivard also provides a whole range of vacuum tank units, jetters, sewer cleaner tanks, and vacuum hydro-excavator tanks for cleaning and maintenance of sewer and culvert systems, and collecting liquid hazardous waste.

Rail trenchers for cable laying

Rivard designs and produces trenchers ranging from 150hp to 550hp used for laying out cables and fibre-optic and SCADA systems.

Vacuum, jetting and mechanical rail maintenance equipment

Rivard is a French company created in 1952 and based on the west of France in Daumeray. It is now part of the US-based Alamo Group. Rivard conceives, designs and manufactures custom-made equipment using vacuum, jetting and mechanical technologies. Rivard has proven its excellence through constructions — either standard products or specially designed units — to satisfy the rail and tunnel industry.

Custom-designed rail maintenance equipment

Rivard’s custom-designed units are made in close cooperation with the potential partners in order to go through the differentiation and look for user-friendly specification processes for the final equipment. Rivard remain focuses on time-saving and cost-effective solutions to meet customer demands and is often on call from day one of the project.

ISO 9001-certified rail maintenance equipment

Rivard is ISO 9001 certified and we comply with many other international or European standards (including ADR and ATEX). Rivard offers servicing facilities and training throughout the world and provides comprehensive training through its own training centre.

Rivard’s products are used by many major international contractors dealing with railway and road tunnels and associated equipment.

Albabstieg (Gerlinde) Railway Tunnel

The Albabstieg tunnel, christened as Gerlinde tunnel, is a 5.9km railway tunnel under construction on the new Wendlingen-Ulm line in Germany.

Rivard Celebrates a Successful Visit to InnoTrans

At this year's InnoTrans 2010 Rivard were discussing the removal of hardened grease of leaf residue on tracks as just one of the significant benefits to InnoTrans in their new Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Equipment brochure. More benefits of the high-pressure jetting units can be further d


ZI Le Grand Clos

F-49649 Daumeray