Norsk Jernbanedrift (NJD), which carries out design, construction, operation, maintenance and safety assignments within fields related to railway tracks, signals and contact lines, was founded in 2005 by 12 former workers from the Norwegian National Rail Administration, and is presently the third-largest railway technology company in Norway.

In the past few years, the company has been awarded a number of major, prestigious projects in Norway, and has delivered final results which have been to customers’ satisfaction. NJD’s main office is in Porsgrunn, but its personnel are recruited from all over Norway, as well as Sweden.

Turnkey rail technology project supplier

NJD’s primary focus is to be a preferred turnkey supplier of contracts related to railway technology. We have personnel with extremely high expertise within all technical fields connected with railways. Combined with a highly modern and constantly broadened machine park, NJD has all the resources required for the vast majority of projects.

In addition to its main customer, the Norwegian National Rail Administration, NJD supplies services to a number of other project and contracting companies involved in work on the Norwegian railway network.

A view from NJD's factory floor, showing the driver's cabin of the ADM work machine.
Basic ADM work machine; the customer can add custom features.
NJD assembling a new track at Drammen station.
Air photo of Gandal goods terminal; NJD were heavily involved in all areas of the project to establish this terminal.
One of our engineers hard at work with engineering tasks for the Norwegian National Rail Administration.

Rail project organisation, planning and execution services

In order to meet the customer’s demands, NJD sets up a project organisation for each contract, based on the resources required. This ensures optimal planning and execution in terms of deadlines, quality and safety.

Electrical installations for railways and tramlines

NJD has pre-qualification in TransQ, and also has the right to carry out electrical installations on railways and tramlines.

Integrated rail lift and crane machine

NJD recently signed a contract with Transpurtmash, which produces a new type of integrated railway maintenance machine that has both a lift and crane. This machine provides increased flexibility for performing complex work operations in confined areas and eliminates the need for two separate machines to carry out these operations. NJD has an exclusive right in Northern Europe to sell this new cost and labour-saving machine.

This machine type is based on well-proven technology, but has been specially adapted to meet the requirements in the Northern European region.

About NJD

NJD had, as of 1 September 2009, 87 employees. The employees comprise highly skilled persons with many years’ experience from the Norwegian National Rail Administration, and others with many years of working experience with Banverket in Sweden.