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Rail Cutting Saws

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Husqvarna Construction Products is a manufacturer of specialist hand-held power tools for the rail industry, including a petrol power cutter, accessories and rail-cutting blades. In the complete range of machines you can also find various types of power sources; petrol, hydraulic, electric and air-driven cutters.

Efficient, easy-to-use power cutters are as essential for modern line production as they are for welded rail maintenance. An efficient rail cutter must be powerful, fast and easy to use. Precise cuts are also important, as is low weight and easy transportation.

Husqvarna has a specially developed rail-cutter: the petrol-powered K 1250 Rail. Husqvarna is the only company in the world that develops and produces an entire rail-cutter, from the engine to the cutting arm and fixture. This is why we can create lightweight, robust and flexible designs without having to compromise on quality, durability or reliability.


With its 119cc (5.8kW) motor, the K 1260 is the world’s strongest rail-cutter. It also weighs in at 5kg less than its competitors in the same power class.

Husqvarna create lightweight, robust and flexible designs without compromising on quality, durability or reliability.
The Husqvarna K 1260 Rail,with its 119cc (5.8kW) motor, is the most powerful rail cutter in the world.
The K 1260 Rail is equipped with the RA 10 attachment, which fastens to the rail to ensure a perfect tight-angle cut.

The K 1260 Rail is capable of using both 14in and 16in blades. It is fitted with double fixture attachments, enabling the operator to turn the machine and cut from the other direction. This means you can cut rails faster than ever, while letting the cutter do the work. The rail cutter is, in spite of the amazing power developed, surprisingly easy to control, thanks to its balanced construction and ergonomic design.

Specifications of the Husqvarna K 1260 Rail:

  • Air-cooled two-cycle engine
  • 119cc displacement
  • 5.8kW power
  • • Weight (without fuel or blade, inc. RA 10): 20.7kg (14in), 21.4kg (16in)
  • Blade diameter: 350mm (14in), 400mm (16in)
  • Cutting depth: 125mm (5in), 145mm (6in)


The arms of the patented RA 10 and RA 10 S fixture are short, and its joints have needle and ball bearings for the best stability. This makes the machine compact and easy to control, resulting in precise cuts on all levels. The rail attachment is fitted to the rail quickly and firmly.

It provides right-angle cuts in all positions, with a folding guide to mark the exact location. The optional RA10S with a clamping width of up to 135mm is designed for the wider tram railway rail.


The strength of Husqvarna is that we work exclusively with the development of cutting machines and accessories. We invest all our know-how and experience in simplifying and solving your cutting problems.

As a customer, it is important for you to know that Husqvarna has an extensive global service network, making it easy for you to find spare parts for machine and fixture alike.


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