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Railroad Maintenance, Construction and Operation, and Related Transportation Services

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Herzog is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience performing premier railroad construction, right-of-way maintenance services, transit operation and maintenance services, ultrasonic rail testing, and signallng and PTC systems.

Our experience, coupled with a highly qualified team of leading industry professionals, provides us the capacity to solve complex projects in challenging operating environments. We deliver industry leading railroad services for all Class I and Shortline railroads in addition to commuter rail, light rail transit, and streetcar agencies across North America.

Innovation, safety, and quality of work are key corporate goals Herzog emphasizes. For that reason, our clients and respective transportation authorities frequently recognize us for our safety record. Our current EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is considered EXCELLENT at .37. We provide unsurpassed quality of workmanship in the construction and railroad industry. The Herzog motto, "Safety First, Quality Always", and "Safety is No Accident" is consistently applied to all projects.

Construction services

Herzog Contracting Corp.’s experience extends to building freight, commuter, light rail transit, and streetcar lines. Using the most modern fleet of equipment, and our highly trained construction specialists, we have the resources to build a wide range of transit systems. We can handle every phase of a rail project. The tracks, stations, grade crossings, ballasting, and earthwork are all integrated into our list of capabilities.

Night time installation of double crossovers- Metrolink Orange County, CA.
Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Austin, TX Cap Metro commuter and freight system.
Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection for all major Class I and shortline railroads, and transit systems in North America.
Mainline ballast distribution utilizing Herzog’s PLUS or SMART Train Automated ballast distribution system.
Multi-Purpose Machine (MPM) safely handles labor-intensive tasks such as ditching, picking up, stacking or distributing ties, tie butts, rail and OTM.
Caltrain: providing operations and maintenance for the third largest contracted commuter rail service in the United States.
The MPM is ideal for efficient material handling needs such as cross ties.
Highly experienced at working along active freight lines in complex operating environments.
Offering premier railroad construction and operations and maintenance services.

The comprehensive staff of designers and engineers we mobilize for a project offers maximum resource allocation and can navigate any project from the conceptual phase clear through to revenue service. We operate in a manner that mitigates delays and extra costs, passing the savings on to our customers. We are well versed in delivering projects through Bid/Build, Design/Build, and CM/GC procurement methods.

We have well established relationships with international design firms helping create a seamless transition from the design into the construction phase of projects. We engage with the owners and designers of projects, offering constructability reviews and value engineering ideas that enhance the deliverability, quality, and safety of the project within optimum costs.

Maintenance operations

Herzog Railroad Services, Inc. provides state-of-the-art maintenance of way equipment for railroads across North America. Our equipment maximizes productivity, enhances safety, and delivers cost savings to clients. The speed and efficiently of our equipment means more opportunity to run freight services due to less down time waiting for maintenance of way work to be completed. We have invested heavily in the design, manufacture, and operation of specialized equipment for the rail industry.

We champion the Multi-Purpose Machine (MPM), the Rail Unloading Machine (RUM), the SMART/PLUS Automated GPS Unloading Ballast Cars, the Cartopper, and the LIDAR and Outage trucks, which create GPS surveys of the track increasing the accuracy of ballast spreads. Using an inertial system during GPS outages in mountainous areas and through tunnels, we can dump ballast with the same level of precision that GPS offers.

We have two state-of-the-art rail shop facilities that provide rolling stock repair and maintenance services; we have over 3,000 railcars for lease that can fill a diverse range of hauling needs. Our railroad equipment is ideal for completing an assortment of material handing tasks in narrow work windows and single and multiple track environments. We offer ROW grading, ditching, shoulder cleaning, brush and tree maintenance operations.

Ultrasonic rail testing

Equipped with the latest patent pending technology, all of Herzog Services, Inc. test vehicles excel at detecting rail defects including transverse defects developing beneath shell. An enhanced 24 channel B-Scan test system, which incorporates pattern recognition, displays real-time test information to the operator for a comprehensive analysis of the inspection data.

Complete ultrasonic test data coupled with sub-meter precision GPS enables Herzog Services, Inc. to have a highly accurate and detailed record of the track inspection. Once the data is received by the home office, an automated auditing system checks the file for data integrity. Trained auditors also perform random checks for inconsistencies throughout the test data as part of our Quality Assurance Program.

Standard ultrasonic, crossover testing, inventory rail certification and non-stop/post verification modes are available. Each application incorporates GPS mapping, pattern recognition and operator responses into the data stream. This data is transmitted to the central collection unit and automatically audited for data integrity.

Transit operations

Herzog Transit Services, Inc. (HTSI) was formed in 1993 and is one of the largest private contractors operating, maintaining, and dispatching passenger rail services in North America. Our services and capabilities are designed to meet all required aspects of local rail authorities to efficiently operate and maintain any transit service.

A rail transit system is complex and multifaceted; people want reliability, cleanliness, comfort, safety and on-time departures and arrivals. It is our job to deliver on all of these needs. Turn-key maintenance is provided for all passenger access areas, such as parking lots, station platforms and the right of way including track structures, signals and other general improvements. With over 30 million passengers annually, our clients can rest assured we have the right tools to operate and maintain the largest transit systems.

Our current operations and/or maintenance contracts include: Trinity Railway Express – Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; Capital Metro – Austin, TX; Altamont Commuter Express – Stockton, CA; New Mexico Rail Runner Express – Albuquerque, NM; Coaster & Sprinter- Oceanside, CA; New Jersey Transit – Atlantic City, NJ; Port of LA Red Car Line- San Pedro, CA; Caltrain – San Francisco, CA; and The A-train – Denton County, TX..

Signaling and PTC systems

Herzog Technologies, Inc. provides innovative technology-based solutions to the railroad signal and communications industry. Services provided include systems engineering and design, field construction and installation, comprehensive signaling maintenance services, Positive Train Control (PTC) integration Solutions, PTC Data Acquisition services, and custom software solutions.

We can provide complete turn-key solutions or tailor subset services to meet any railroad’s particular needs. We are uniquely positioned to offer our customers the SpeedTrax mapping system. The SpeedTrax system is installed on a locomotive, and collects GPS inertia and video data, which is processed in our office. Our office then produces GIS data that includes all the required features needed to run an on-board PTC system.


  • MRTA Pink Line, Bangkok

    The MRT Pink line was opened to the public in December 2023 to meet the travel demands of northern Bangkok.

  • The West Corridor Light Rail Transit

    The West Rail Line or W Line is a 12.1-mile (19.47km) extension of the existing 35-mile (56.3km) light rail transit (LRT) system in Denver, Colorado, US.

  • Circle Line (CCL)

    The Circle Line (CCL) is the first fully underground orbital railway line connecting all mass rapid transit (MRT) lines running into Singapore, connecting the inner suburban areas of the city.

Corporate Office Address
600 S. Riverside Road
St. Joseph, MO
United States of America

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