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Track Construction Machinery

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Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation, is a major international supplier of track construction and railway maintenance equipment to the world’s railways and transit systems. We are a single-source supplier for over 100 types and models of work equipment for track and structure maintenance, track renewal and new track construction.  Harsco Rail designs and manufactures an extensive line of equipment, including rail grinders, stoneblowers, tamping machines, rail straighteners, HY-rail® guide wheel attachments (road / rail) and utility track vehicles (UTV’s).

We are also a major railway contractor providing contract services that include rail grinding, stoneblowing, new track construction, track renewal, track and turnout undercutting, rail straightening, track lifting services and sleeper replacement, plus rail renewal and sleeper pad change out services.

Zeta-Tech, a Harsco rail business unit, provides Technical Consulting Services, Maintenance Management Software and Training on their products. Harsco Rail is positioned to develop and deliver new ideas for maintaining track structure around the world.  We provide engineering, sales, parts, services and maintenance from eight main locations in the United States, England, Australia, Brazil and India.  Sales and Service support is available in 27 countries covering the globe.  Harsco Rail is also certified to ISO 9001-2008.

Track construction machine

Harsco Rail’s new track construction machine installs new track on a previously prepared roadbed in a continuous operation.  A self-propelled gantry, requiring one operator, keeps the ties supplied to the conveyor systems.

Transit grinder.
MKVI dual cab.
RMS rail grinder.
TRT 909.
New track construction.

After being deposited by the gantry, the ties move via the conveyor system to the tie drop area. Rail, which has been previously distributed along the roadbed, is threaded through guides located at the rear of the tow unit. It is then guided inward to a gauging station. Final placement of the rail on the new ties is controlled by an operator who guides the rail onto the tie seat. He is also responsible for the proper alignment of the track.  A “nipper-clipper” automatically engages and drives the clips onto their working position on the rail base.  This system installs an average of 500 ties per hour.

Production / switch tamper

Dominant characteristics of the Harsco Rail TM Mark VI production / switch tamper are high production rates, accuracy, fast travel speeds, versatility and component reliability.  Major North American railroads have achieved unprecedented results and a high quality of track work completed by surfacing gangs equipped with these machines.  Laterally traversing workheads and vibrators provide uniform tamping depth under production or switch tamping conditions.

The Mark VI design is versatile.  It can be configured in various gauge widths (914mm to 1,676mm) and in single axle, bogie, or combination configurations as required to meet a specific railway’s axle loading and curve radius requirements.  Dual cabin and coupler configurations are also optionally available.

Production rail grinder

The RMS Series from Harsco Rail TM are 96-120 stone production rail grinders with dust collection. The consist is made up of nine (9) specialized railway cars to make up a completely self-contained grinding train. All grinding functions (including grinding pressures, motor horse power, and grinding angles) are controlled from inside the grind control car. Motors are individually controlled by hydraulics to provide the instantaneous response required for high speed grinding. An on-board computer allows monitoring, selection and maintaining up to 99 individual rail grinding patterns. The computer also accepts and stores up to 10 obstacles while working.

Track renewal system -TRT

Harsco Rail’s Track Renewal System, Model TRT-909 removes old sleepers and rails, prepares the track bed for new sleepers, lays new sleepers and threads in new rail in one continuous operation and in one pass.  It can be ready to begin work within minutes of arriving at a properly prepared work site.  This machine also removes and collects the spikes and rail anchors, heats the rail with optionally available rail heater, and can apply various types of rail fastenings depending on customer requirements.

Transit / switch and crossing rail grinder

Harsco Rail’s transit / switch and crossing rail grinder (Model RGHC) is a self-contained machine consisting of main cabin, auxiliary cabin, engine and systems enclosure, main frame, running gear and grinding carriage.  Machines can be utilized individually as eight or ten-stone machines or in multiple unit configurations as 8, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32 and 40 stone machines.  In any configuration, the entire machine can be controlled by a single operator.

Features include integral dust collectors on each grinding car; low noise levels; towable in train formation; adaptable to fit various track gauges and easy operation via a touch screen control panel.

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2401 Edmund Road, Box 20
West Columbia, SC 29171
United States of America

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