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Rail Suspension and Anti-Vibration Products

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Although it has Swedish roots, the Gadelius Group is also very much a Japanese company, specialising in railway suspension and anti-vibration products, industrial machinery and supplies, and medical devices.

With vast experience, enthusiasm and skill Gadelius brings unique, high-quality, high-technology products in these sectors to and from Japan.

We create a transparent and dynamic partnership, both with our suppliers and our customers.

Secondary and primary suspension products for bogies

For over 30 years Gadelius has been the European market representative of Nitta Chemical’s air spring.

Gadelius provides secondary and primary suspension products for leading European bogie manufacturers. Our secondary and primary suspension products can be used for bogies on numerous types of train.

High-performance air springs for urban/metro, commuter, regional and high-speed trains

Applying our many years of experience and extensive expertise, we design and manufacture high-performance air springs (both as original and replacement equipment) for urban/metro, commuter, regional and high-speed trains.

Our air springs are manufactured using the highest levels of technological achievement and the latest machinery. The high-quality of our products is further secured by exhaustive physical inspections and quality control measures, rigorous testing procedures, and extensive performance analysis.

Primary suspension and anti-vibration components

Wide-ranging and high-quality primary suspension products (conical, chevron and other spring types) are also offered through Gadelius.

Bushings and rail rubber-metal components

Other rubber-metal components for railways, such as bushings, are also among our product portfolio.

Wide-ranging cost-effective bogie components

With an extensive supplier network, engineering experience and skills, combined with an understanding of highly reliable and cost-effective suspension solutions, Gadelius is always guaranteed to find the best possible solution for your bogie.

Vibration control and thermal insulation

Nitta Chemical has been meeting various customer needs with a major lineup of rubber products for railroad cars in addition to its main product, the ‘Air Spring’.

Gadelius has built a long-term relationship with Nitta Chemical as its European representative. Gadelius works not only to provide the finest logistics skills to both partner and customer, but actually attends initial technical discussions and negotiations to help create the best possible solution.

White Papers

  • Nitta Air Spring

    Nitta's 'Air Spring' has been in use on the Japanese Shinkansen trains since it was first developed.

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