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Information and Communication Systems


Combining expertise and experience with a constant drive for innovation, Televic Rail is able to deliver project-focused, cutting-edge solutions, which provide reliable communication on trains.

Televic’s vision for communication is based on four core values: innovation, flexibility, sustainability and no nonsence. The company’s focus on a close, lasting relationship with its customers allows for custom-made, high-quality products and consistent long-term support.

Solutions for rail passenger information and communication management

iCoM, Televic Rail’s integrated solution for passenger information and communication management, offers public transport and railway operators a single system for creating, managing, distributing and executing real-time on and off-board generic and commercial passenger information on the fleet, in stations and at stops.

iCoM includes all aspects of passenger communication, from fleet management software and digital signage creation, to on-board audio and visual communications. Thanks to its flexible design, iCoM can host and integrate third-party applications and content, such as advertising, CCTV systems and passenger counting, allowing the programme to be tailored to the individual needs of each operator.

Emergency communication units help to make passengers feel comfortable in all situations.
Interior and exterior displays ready to render TSI-PRM compliant journey information.
LiveCoM makes it possible to manage all aspects of passenger information and infotainment.
The digital sensor control box provides a gateway between bogie sensors and the train control system.
Televic Rail supplies to major train manufacturers and operators, including Eurostar.

Information can be communicated in a number of ways, including:

  • Crystal-clear public address announcements, which provide passengers with key information on their journeys
  • Accurate, TSI-PRM-compliant journey information, rendered on interior and exterior displays
  • Passenger emergency communication facilities, which set passengers at ease under all circumstances, guaranteeing a reliable interaction with the driver or wayside control centre
  • Automatic announcements based on various triggers, such as train location, relieve drivers and crew members of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on passenger comfort

Infotainment systems for communication and entertainment

Reliable journey information is taken for granted; today, passengers want to be entertained as well as informed. Televic Rail boasts integrated solutions that offer excellent services in passenger communication and entertainment.

On and off-board infotainment

LiveCoM is Televic Rail’s latest generation of information management systems, integrating all aspects of on and off-board passenger information, infotainment and entertainment. It allows operators to manage their complete traffic schedules, timetables, routes, stations and everything related to passenger information and infotainment, using off-board software tools.

With LiveCoM, operators can create and manage information on stations, routes, journeys, triggers (GPS-based, door status, speed and temperature) as well as audio files, text files, graphics and commercials, in a user-friendly web-based application.

Information distribution, synchronisation and transfers

iSync distributes information in the field (rolling stock, stations, stops), synchronises files and data in the control centre with files deployed in the field, and transfers information to and from the vehicles.

Televic’s on-board passenger systems guarantee a faultless rendering of information and infotainment, making sure the right information reaches the right passengers at the right time.

On-board rail safety control systems

Through years of research and design involvement with railway engineering and in close collaboration with its customers, Televic has developed various mechatronics sensors and safety control systems.

All systems and devices are designed in line with relevant railway norms and suited to fulfil car-body, bogie and axle mounting requirements. On-board controllers process the sensor data information, sending it to the relevant actuators and train management systems. Physical parameters currently supported include acceleration, strain, rotation, temperature, acoustic noise and displacement.

Televic Rail has developed systems and applications:

  • Control equipment, such as tilting, active lateral steering and active radial steering
  • Selective door operation
  • Wired and wireless monitoring systems, including bogie monitoring, such as torque and vibration, axle box bearings, gear box bearings and track conditions
  • Safety SIL2 systems to evaluate status with reference to bogie stability and bearing or gearbox temperature

About Televic

For nearly 30 years, Televic Rail has been a reliable partner of train builders and operators in developing and producing passenger information systems, on-board control systems and infotainment solutions for the railway industry. Today, more than 20,000 vehicles are equipped with Televic systems.

The company is actively involved in continuous research and improvement processes, and works in close collaboration with several industrial partners and universities in developing solutions, suiting specific requests.


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