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DC Traction Substation, Switchgears and Relays

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Mont-Ele has been working in the transport sector since 1972. Nowadays it is one of the leading companies in the international market for turn-key projects for DC traction substations, supplying all DC sections, DC Switchgears and rectifiers.

The new automation and control division allows full management of the DC traction substation with the latest control technologies.

DC traction substation

Thanks to more than 35 years of experience and a skilled team, Mont-Ele can supply a turn-key system for the DC traction substation section, from engineering, production, manufacturing, DC system integration, test, installation and start-up to service after commissioning and becoming a lead supplier for the DC section.

Mont-Ele can supply turn-key DC traction substation systems, for railway, metros, tramways and trolleybuses (3kV – 1,500V – 750V DC systems).

Prefabricated transportable substation
Total withdrawable DC switchgears for traction substation from 550VDC up to 3,600VDC.
Total withdrawable rectifier unit from 500kW to 6,600kW.
Electronic devices, DC protection relays and transducers.
On-load DC switch disconnector 4000V – 5,500A.

DC traction switchgears withdrawable solution

Mont-Ele engineers and manufactures a range of products called “railway energy”. The DC metal-clad switchboards, are standard modular units in total withdrawable solution, which allow various configurations for the feeding of traction systems (tramway – underground railway and trolleybus) at a voltage of 575-750-1500Vdc.

The standard modular units, even if standardized,  can be adapted to suit the needs of projects of any type; mainly, they allow the utilization of components made by different manufactures, to satisfy costumers’ preferences as to standards, spare parts and applications.

The DC distribution switchboards are in accordance with EN 50123-6 and IEC 61992-6 standards. It includes DC switchgears as feeder cubicles, rectifiers, negative and measure, on-load disconnectors, filter units, two-pole disconnector units, with withdrawable execution and the internal arc fault.

The company’s engineering department designs all the equipment according to client requests and international standards to find the best solution for saving space and guaranteeing easy maintenance and high safety.

DC traction protection relays

The multifunction protection relays ME-MPS offer a wide range of possible applications in DC system for railway, tramway and metro applications. The protection relays, connected with suitable measure sensors, guarantee a high degree of protection, control and diagnostic of the line and of the plants where installed.

The ME-MPS21 is able to recognize the fault type that has caused the interventions analyzing and recording the input variables, optimizing the interventions and consequently improving the reliability and availability of the traction plant.

It is according to international standards IEC 60255 – IEC 61000 – EN 50263 – IEC 60068.

DC traction switch disconnector

The MOS DC switch-disconnectors are designed and produced with electrical and mechanical characteristics, equipped with special snuffer chambers, suitable to be installed in metal-clad cubicles or switchboards. They offer a wide range of possible applications in the railway traction system ( railway underground, tramway and trolleybus) for a rated voltage up to 3600Vdc. In particular, they can be used for the following applications:

  • First line switch disconnectors
  • Second line switch disconnectors
  • DC feeding line disconnectors
  • Earthing switches
  • DC switch disconnectors for tunnel
  • <;i>Current switch disconnectors
  • Voltage switch disconnectors

Voltage transducers – current transducers

The measure transducers for voltage and current measure on DC systems are used on railway, underground and tramway traction systems, in naval and industrial sectors.

The engineering of measure devices, both in terms of constructive solutions, components choice and performances, hold in consideration the significant experiences dues by Mont-Ele in the applications and in the operation of traction systems.

The transducers are composed by: transmitter unit, receiver unit and fibre optic link, connected through plastic 1,000 micron without St connector fibre optic, that allows a total galvanic isolation.

Prefabricated DC traction substations

The prefabricated transportable substations completely designed and manufactured by Mont-Ele, are complete conversion units, which are suitable for solving space problems and allow you to make up for the time and cost of construction.

Furthermore, they are suitable for assembling on street or rail trucks and can be used as itinerant emergency substations to solve problems of energy availability.

Integrated quality system

Mont-Ele is certified by the international Quality Management System TÜV according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality) , UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 (environment) and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (safety)

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Products & services

  • Mobile Substation

    Mont-Ele has been working in the sectors of energy, transport, industry, services and research since 1972.

  • Continuity Control System

    The continuity control system units of the electrical connections ME-CCR01, ME-CCR02 and ME-CCR03 belong to the products of the Railway Energy series family and are used on railway, underground and tramway traction systems.

  • Substation Automation

    The automation and control system allows full management of the Subsation with the latest control technologies.

  • Safety in Tunnel

    In case of a tunnel accident, the hazards for passengers and rescue services are not only fire and smoke but also power-voltage on overhead lines.

  • Disconnecting Switchboard

    Mont-Ele availed itself of the experience carried out in the operation and maintenance of traction system for tramway and underground, to develop switching equipment of the Railway Energy series.

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