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Safeworking, Consultancy and Support for Railways

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Alternate Railway Safeworking (ARS) was established in 2005 and employs 95 employees at its base in Melbourne, Australia. It is led by managing director Ian Bethune, a signal controller by trade, and with more than 29 years’ experience in railway network safety in Victoria.

Railway line safeworking protection, coordination and consultancy

ARS provides a safe, controlled work environment for people and machinery engaged in carrying out works on, near or adjacent to railway lines.

We supply an expert team of staff trained to meet all situations at hand-working in strict adherence with all current rules and operating procedures set by the Department of Public Transport. We also by offering expert and technical advice to clients requiring in the planning and programming of their works. Job safety environmental analysis and job safety method statements cover all aspects of works to be carried out under our control.

ARS meets all MTM trains requirements and has all necessary insurance policies in place. We also offer our own employees a responsible, safe and pleasurable working environment with full ongoing training given to all. Staff are also supplied to clients at very competitive rates.

ARS provides a safe, controlled environment for people working on railway lines.
We deliver a specialised service, including various types of safeworking requirements.
Our employees are trained and experienced in all areas of their work.

Specialised safeworking requirements for rail

ARS’s success can be attributed to delivering a specialised service, including various types of safeworking requirements. We ensure that our employees are trained and experienced in order to provide best practice outcomes in all facets of their work.

At the beginning of 2009, ARS delivered safeworking requirements for the NTS Ticketing Project, the Laverton Station Upgrade and Springvale Rd Rail Alliance (SRRA). We are currently contracted to deliver the Early Works component for the South Morang Rail Upgrade Separation Project for Modern Rail.

Our ability to communicate across all levels of the business environment and ensure compliance with all current regulatory standards has assisted in the growth of our reputation as a quality provider of safeworking outcomes.

Safeworking support rail projects

ARS has successfully completed several major projects, providing safeworking support to the principal contractors, including the following:

  • Laverton Station upgrade project
  • Springvale Rd Rail Alliance (SRRA)
  • South Morang grade-separation early works
  • Installation of the updated Miki NTS ticketing system
  • Major track relays for V line across regional Victoria
  • Tie gang works for Metro and V line
  • Support for local Metro maintenance gangs
  • Support for local V line gangs
  • Assisting various smaller subcontractors with their safeworking needs as they arise across several major projects


121 Ireland Street
Victoria 3021
West Melbourne

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