Hiab is the global market leader in truck-mounted loader cranes. Hiab cranes are well-known for their speed, precision and reliability. They are extremely suitable for mounting on railway vehicles, such as locomotives and maintenance wagons, because they are light and compact. However, the main reason why railway companies choose Hiab cranes is the way you can program the movements of the crane boom in order to avoid hitting the electrical wires or to avoid working over the adjacent railroad track.

The world’s fastest truck loaders for railroad maintenance

Hiab cranes are equipped with a hydraulic valve that can handle up to 140l of hydraulic oil per minute. This makes the loader crane roughly twice as fast as competitors’ cranes and thus is very suitable for quick and efficient railroad maintenance. Hiab often supplies loader cranes for applications where time is an important factor, and the operational speed is often a crucial argument when buying a truck-mounted crane.

COMBIDRIVE: loader cranes with centimetre precision

With Hiab’s comfortable radio remote unit, called COMBIDRIVE, the crane operator has full control over the crane’s movements. Thanks to the precise reliable electronics, the crane movements follow the operator’s fingertips and heavy loads can be handled with centimetre precision, even with a crane reach over 25m.

Crane movement limitation for railroad safety

The movements of a Hiab loader crane can be restricted to pre-defined areas of its reach. By three-dimensional programming you allow the crane boom to move only where you want it to move.

Using Hiab loading cranes, heavy railway loads can easily be handled with maximum precision.
The high speed of a Hiab loader crane makes railroad maintenance fast and efficient.
A Hiab truck loader is easy to serve and has very low maintenance costs.
By programming a Hiab loader you allow the crane boom to move only where you want it to move.

Example 1: to avoid the crane boom from hitting the electrical wires you could restrict the crane boom from exceeding a certain working height.

Example 2: while working on the left railroad track, you might want the right track to be in use by normal train traffic. A Hiab crane can be restricted from working at one side of the vehicle, with a precisely defined working angle.

Truck or wagon loaders for every application

With Hiab’s unique XS concept there’s always a crane that suits your needs perfectly. The complete model series covers cranes from 0.1t to 90t and each crane has a wide range of options to fit your application. On top of that, Hiab has an impressive engineering department that develop tailor-made solutions – as they have done already for numerous railway companies.

Hiab cranes for railroads – a reliable investment

With a dealer network in more than 90 countries, there is always a service workshop nearby. Spare parts for Hiab cranes can be delivered the next day throughout Europe (by airfreight around the world) and Hiab guarantees spare parts availability for ten years after purchase. Service engineers prefer Hiab truck loaders to other cranes, as they are easy to service and made of high quality components.

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