Westermo has developed a next generation industrial Ethernet switch platform to meet the needs of future data communication networks. The platform is ideal for handling big data and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications driven by global developments such as urbanisation and infrastructure investments. Integrating hardware, software and network design support, the new switch platform offers advanced capabilities, the lowest total cost of ownership and will create the most reliable networks across more industries.

The new hardware further enhances Westermo’s reputation for offering robust and resilient networking technologies to withstand the most challenging environments and applications. Designed to meet increasing demands for greater bandwidth and uninterrupted 24/7 service, the hardware provides higher levels of cybersecurity, class-leading operational life, and easy configuration, operation and maintenance. The platform will offer a broad range of solutions for every industrial network requirement and will include devices for specific industry applications, such as managed PoE switches approved for onboard rail applications and substation automation solutions.

The new switch platform is powered by the next generation WeOS operating system, which maximises the potential of the new hardware. As with previous generations, WeOS continues to ensure robust interoperability and provide multi-media support, while also helping to provide greater network resilience and cybersecurity. Switches using this latest version of WeOS are backward compatible, future-proofing existing industrial networks and simplifying their design, whilst the web interface has the same look and feel to ensure easy device management

Supporting the implementation of resilient networks consisting of new and previous generation switches, the WeConfig network configuration tool provides a seamless user experience that helps to minimise project engineering time. To ensure improved cybersecurity levels, a new background scan function supports security hardening, and a newsfeed alerts the user to software updates and security advisories.

The first of the next generation Westermo devices is the Lynx 5512, which is the most compact 12-port high-performance switch on the market, and the RedFox 5528, a high-performance 28 Gigabit port switch for aggregating large industrial networks over long distances.

The Lynx 5512 is a very robust and reliable switch, suitable for a broad range of applications and offering complete layer two functionality and rapidly increasing layer three functionality. The device has four SFP fibre ports and is suitable for operation in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +74°C without the need for cooling or protection cabinets. Offering a market leading MTBF (mean time between failure), the switch is designed to maximise service life and minimise operational costs.

The RedFox 5528 is designed for bandwidth consuming applications with high equipment density and network traffic. Also offering full layer two functionality and expanding layer three functions, this very reliable device features a redundant power supply, low power consumption, and offers considerable application flexibility, with a variety of power options and port configurations, including up to 16 Gigabit fibre ports.

Both switches have extensive industrial, trackside and marine approvals, enabling installation in a broad range of demanding applications. Intuitive set-up and configuration, that requires no special training or IT staff, makes them easy and cost-efficient to install. The switches are also prepared for routing acceleration, extended cybersecurity and time synchronisation IEEE 1588v2 applications, making them an ideal solution to meet future security and bandwidth requirements