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Trackside and On-Board Data Communication Systems

Westermo has many years' experience in data communication technologies for railway applications, both trackside and on-board rolling stock.

Westermo Teleindustri AB,
SE-640 40 Stora Sundby,

Westermo Teleindustri AB,
SE-640 40 Stora Sundby,

Data communication technologies

Westermo has many years’ experience in data communication technologies for railway applications, both trackside and on-board rolling stock. Our real expertise is in developing products that can function in the harshest environments and meet the toughest approval specifications.

The company is familiar with mission-critical applications in many industries and has therefore developed products and techniques that meet the many specific needs of the rail industry. The patented Westermo FRNT protocol allows for the fastest ring-recovery in Ethernet networks: 20ms for a ring with 200 switches.

Trackside Ethernet extenders

Our Wolverine range of trackside Ethernet extenders is developed around a technology that allows the creation of Ethernet networks on old copper cables that can stretch for tens of kilometres along the trackside. Westermo is experienced in developing products to meet industry standards and we also have a particular focus on rail applications.

Trackside Ethernet switches, rail switches and modems

The critical standard for trackside systems is EN-50121-4 electromagnetic compatibility: emission and immunity of the signalling and telecommunications apparatus for railway applications.

Westermo’s trackside products, including Lynx Ethernet switches, Wolverine Ethernet extenders, Viper rail switches, and TD-23 and TD-36 modems, all meet this standard.

On-board rail switches

EN 50155 is a special on-board standard for electronic equipment that encompasses not just EMC requirements but also shock, vibration extended temperature range and humidity. The Westermo Viper series of on-board rail switches meets this standard.

High-quality trackside and on-board data communication systems

Westermo strives for the highest quality. To this end, we will endeavour to supply products, goods and services in a courteous fashion that reflects our commitment to our quality policy. Accordingly, we:

  • Understand each individual customer’s requirements and needs as well as relevant regulations, so as to develop, manufacture and offer the right products
  • Give our customers excellent support throughout the entire business process
  • Keep up our never-ending commitment for even better quality and effectiveness

This gives and will continue to give us stability, long-term growth and profitability.

Technical support for trackside and on-board data communication systems

Westermo has always believed in providing the best technical service possible to help you, our customer, get your systems operational. All our subsidiaries employ significant technical support departments that allow us to give free of charge telephone technical support in a number of languages during normal office hours.

We also commit many hours to working with other product vendors to produce product application notes that can be downloaded from the Internet at any time.

Train Network Resilience

FRNT provides lightning-fast failover in the consist network, in addition VRRP creates backbone router redundancy. Watch this video to find out more.

WESTERMO Acquires Swiss Company Neratec

BEIJER GROUP’s business entity Westermo has today acquired 100% of the Swiss company Neratec Solutions, a technology company specialised in WLAN products with a high focus on reliable and robust wireless communication solutions for the train and trackside sector.

Westermo to Demonstrate Resilient Data Communications at RAIL2015

Westermo will bring its innovative and robust industrial data communications products alive at the RAIL2015 exhibition later this month. The company will have its Mobile Training and Technology Centre (MTTC) at the two-day event, enabling the company to demonstrate its resilient networking solutions for both trackside and on-board rolling stock applications.

Westermo to Provide Ethernet Switches for Automated People Mover in Hong Kong

Thales has awarded Westermo Data Communications a contract to supply the company with industrial networking technology for its project at Hong Kong International Airport. The project involves incorporating Westermo's Viper Ethernet switches into Thales' SelTrac CBTC (communications-based train control) system.

Westermo to Provide Ethernet Switches for New Washington DC Metro Trains

Westermo has been awarded a $4m contract by Toshiba to provide industrial networking technology for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Series 7000 Rail car project. Extremely robust ethernet switches will support on-board communication and management systems for 364 new rail cars that will replace some of the existing fleet and be used on the new Dulles Airport Metro Line.

Westermo Viper Switches Installed on New Subway Trains in Rio De Janeiro

Westermo Singapore has won a contract with ST Electronics worth about €80,000. Westermo will supply Viper Ethernet switches that will manage the data communications on-board the new subway cars that will traffic line 2 in Rio De Janeiro. The modernisation of line 2 is part of the g

Westermo Provides Networking Equipment for TfL’s Cooling the Tube Programme

Extracting heat from the London Underground Network is a huge and ongoing engineering challenge, especially on the deep tunnel lines. To meet this need Transport for London (TfL) established a dedicated programme team to provide a variety of solutions including mid-tunnel ventilation and cooling,

Westermo Supplies Switches for Singapore’s High-Tech Subway System

The Viper series of rugged Ethernet switches from Westermo have been installed in the driverless trains operating on Singapore's new subway line. This year, the first phase of Singapore's massive underground project will be complete. The expansion of the underground network is built in

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