Trenew Electronic is a leading engineering, manufacturing and distribution partner of electronic solutions to the railway industry. Trenew Electronic specialise in embedded computing systems, power supplies, electronic packaging, electronic engineering, assembling and testing.

We see our particular strength in being able to offer single components or entire turnkey systems. We provide an extensive range of services that include engineering, production and distribution of components and systems worldwide. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of markets and applications, from CAD services to complex development with EMC tests.

This comprehensive know-how enables us to respond flexibly and efficiently to your needs, being your experienced specialist for individual solutions as a general contractor.

DC-DC converters for mobile / stationary railway

The IMX70 and IMY70 series of pcb-mountable DC-DC converters has been designed for use in mobile / stationary railway, transportation, industrial, and telecom applications wherein variable input voltages (from batteries) and high transients are prevalent.

IMX/IMY70 DC-DC converter in 3in x 2.5in footprint. 70W convection cooled up to 71°C ambient temperature.
MELCHER HR-series ultra-wide input DC-DC converter. Covering all nominal battery voltages from 24V to 120V.
RPR-Series smallest certified DC-DC converter. Operating temperatures of -45°C to > +85°C without derating (Tx).
EN50155 certified switch with PoE. M12 connectors ensure highly reliable connectivity.

Covering a total input voltage range from 14.4V up to 154V with three different models, these converters are available with one or two electrically isolated outputs from 5V to 48V, are externally adjustable and come with flexible load distribution. A shutdown input allows remote on/off functionality.

Other features include consistently high efficiency over the entire input voltage range, high reliability and excellent dynamic response to load and line changes. The IMX/IMY70 family of products is designed according to the international safety standards IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 2nd edition.

HR-series ultra-wide input DC-DC converter

HR-series is the world’s first DC-DC converter with a greater than 10:1 input voltage range, with up to 280W of output power at 70°C ambient temperature and an impressive typical efficiency of 94% over the entire input range. The drastically reduced losses result in cooler operating temperatures and considerably higher reliability.

Just one single power supply covers all nominal battery voltages from 24V to 120V. The static input range is 16.8V – 150V with dynamic transient deviations to 12V and 168V for 2 seconds, respectively. The HR-Series complies with most national and international railway and safety standards and is packaged in a rugged cassette case for 19in rack or chassis mounting, making it ideal for harsh, convection-cooled environments.

The first models in the series provide a 12V or 24V single output, as well as dual ±12V output. Future models will expand the offering of output voltages from 12V to 110V for single outputs and ±15V for dual outputs.

Standard features include an internal circuitry for 10ms hold-up time, inrush current limitation, reverse polarity protection, overvoltage and programmable undervoltage lockout, remote on/off, adjustable output voltage, current share and more.

Certified DC-DC-converter for railway applications

The RPR-Series is specifically tailored to the requirements of railway applications. These very compact converters work under extreme operating conditions without derating and are designed for input voltages up to 160VDC.

The EN50155 (electronic equipment used on rolling stock) specifies high requirements for information systems and electronic components used in railway engineering. This also applies to DC/DC converters, which have to function as reliable power supplies for many years. Extreme conditions such as heat, cold, shock and vibration have to be met – exactly the environment that the RPR-series has been designed for.

The new RPR-converters work with full power at operating temperatures of -45°C to +85°C without derating (Tx) and an efficiency of >89%. These converters are very robust and EN61373 tested for 10G shock and vibration in all three axes. The series is power rated with 20W, 30W, 40W and 50W. They cover a wide input voltage range of 12VDC to 36VDC, 25VDC to 75VDC and 40VDC to 160VDC. Single output voltages of 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC and dual output voltages of ±12VDC, ±15VDC and ±24VDC are available as standard.

RPR-converters are available in three different case styles: the ribbed case with integrated heat sink, which is ideal for PCB mounting with convection cooling; the flat case version, useful in low profile applications with limited headroom; and the base plate case version where the converters are screw mounted to the frame for mechanical stability.

The RPR-converters are EN50155 and EN60950-1-compliant and have 1.6kV/1 minute isolation as standard. They have integrated EMC filters according to EN50121-3-2, so a complete power supply can be build using only a few external components. The MTBF at BELLCORE TR-NWT-000332 at +50°C is 2 million hours. The RPR-series features low-cost railway converters, offering distinctive technical advantages (size, performance and reliability) over existing railways DC-DC products.

Unmanaged switch and PoE switch with wide temperature

EKI-6528TI and EKI-6528TPI are EN50155 certified industrial switches with IP40 protection and wide temperature support designed for railway applications. EKI-6528TPI provides 4 x PoE ports that support IEEE 802.3af and can provide up to 15.4W of power per port. M12 connectors ensure highly reliable connectivity for industrial communication applications.

With IP40 compact metal housings, these switches are protected against dusty environments and are a good fit for many industrial applications. Under no-power condition, the auto bypass function ensures the ethernet signal connection through internal circuitry. This feature provides non-stop communication to rolling stock, even when no power exists in some carriages.

The EN50155-certified solutions are designed for passenger information systems, IP surveillance and seatback entertainment systems. EKI-6558TI and EKI-6559TMI are EN50155 certified IP67 wide temperature industrial switches, designed for railways, industry and harsh environments. EKI-6528TI and EKI-6528TPI are EN50155-certified industrial switches with IP40 protection.

EKI-6528TPI is an unmanaged PoE switch with wide temperature, which is protected against dusty environments and is a good fit for many industrial applications. EN50155-certified solutions for railway rolling stock applications guarantee reliable performance to withstand severe shock and vibration in moving trains.