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Enclosures and Case Systems for the Railway Industry

Braithwell Way,
Hellaby Industrial Estate,
S66 8QY Other,
United Kingdom

Braithwell Way,
Hellaby Industrial Estate,
S66 8QY Other,
United Kingdom

Rittal is one of the world’s leading suppliers of enclosures and case systems for technology packaging. Today most European and global networks predominantly run on Rittal solutions.

We believe our strength lies in the individual guidance we give our customers. We provide advice from the very beginning: we familiarise ourselves with your situation and work with you to produce a completely individualised concept for your railway needs.

Every successful project serves as a good reference. Rittal have proven themselves in the field of tunnel technology by contributing significantly to implementing successful projects, such as the Mt Blanc tunnel and the Gotthard tunnel. Rittal have also been actively involved in the transrapid train, helping to provide the safest, most environmentally friendly mode of transport ever built.

Following months of research, development and testing, Rittal offer a range of enclosures which all comply with the LUL standard 2-01001-002:A1 fire safety of materials. Tested at qualified laboratories, all Rittal systems carry certification to conform to relevant standards. Every Rittal product carries a warranty against material defects and has a minimum five-year availability.

AE compact enclosure for railways

The wall-mounted compact enclosure AE range is ideal for railways as it offers corrosion resistance and high protection. The IP69K rating guarantees a watertight enclosure even under adverse conditions. It also offers a high resistance to temperature fluctuations, exhaust vapours and humidity. The lock, hinges and mounting plate are vibration resistant, and perfect for wall and pole mounting.

TS 8 system platform

TS 8 floor-standing enclosures have a completely symmetrical frame allowing the enclosures to be easily bayed. The TS 8 is a welded frame construction that provides optimum stability and maximum space-utilisation. Each enclosure is a specialist for
individual railway tasks.

Compact medium (CM) enclosure

Rittal’s CM enclosure combines the case benefits of the AE with the installation diversity of the TS 8 range. The CM is compatible with TS 8 mounting components and Rittal system accessories.

E-BOX EB and IP66 KL terminal boxes for railway safety

The E-Box E is the perfect enclosure range for the smallest of railway control tasks. These sheet steel terminal boxes are supplied with mounting plates; 180° hinge and double-bit lock system to meet our high standards.

Also made from sheet steel, IP66 KL terminal boxes are supplied without gland plate. They comply with NEMA 4 and protection categories IP66 to EN 60 529/10.91 to ensure reliability and railway safety.

ES free-standing enclosures for railways

ES free-standing enclosures have firmly linked side panels that comply with NEMA 12. They are compact for electronics, ideal for machine control, generously proportioned for climate control, flexible and cost-effective. ES free-standing enclosures are therefore ideal for railway operations.

TS 8 PC for moisture protection for PCs

The TS 8 PC enclosure provides protection from moisture, dirt and high temperatures for standard PCs. The glazed door has a supporting frame made from sheet steel and single-pane safety glass. Available with large monitor area and keyboard drawer, a shortened monitor door and a folding support panel or a desk section instead of the drawer.

Other Rittal railway products

  • Electronic systems including sub-racks, card frames, compact PCI, VME ATCA and micro TCA
  • Thermal cooling packages from fans and filters, heat exchangers, enclosure air conditioning to large industrial chillers
  • Power distribution from small bus bar systems, UPS systems, motor control centres and power distribution boards
  • IT and data centre solutions from standard packages to complete fireproof and explosion-proof data centres

Design Improvements for Rittal’s RiLine60 Busbar Technology

Easier assembly of busbar systems will save time and money using Rittal's RiLine60 busbar technology for the construction of low-voltage switchgear. Design improvements to the busbar supports mean that the integrated step mechanisms for adapting to the flat bar cross-section can now be locked usi

Rittal The System Provides Integrated Concept for Modern Data Centres

An integrated overall concept for modern data centres, 'Rittal The System' offers support for the active and passive side of a data centre with five perfectly matched modules: rack, power, cooling, security and monitoring and remote management. 'Rittal The System' provides the key elements to sup

New Range of PMC 12 UPS Systems from Rittal

Rittal has launched its new range of PMC 12 UPS systems based on one of the most robust design topologies. The PMC 12 takes the strain in the event of mains electrical supply problems ensuring a secure supply. It can be used as tower or as a 19in mountable system, with a LCD display, and is avail

New Ri4Power Form 1-4 Low-Voltage Switchgear from Rittal

Rittal has significantly expanded the flexibility and modularity of Ri4Power. Combining Ri4Power low-voltage switchgear with designs 1 and 2-4 to form a single system technology, Ri4Power Form 1-4, allows switchgear manufacturers to fabricate every known form of internal subdivision from one sing

Rittal Re-Configures its Electronics Configurator

Rittal has responded to customer requests by updating their online subrack configurator. No longer limited to only those units shown in the catalogue, the subrack configurator now includes all the subracks possible from the parts in the product range. Almost 1,000 different combinations are avail

The Xpress Seven-Day Modification Service from Rittal

Following a great deal of investment into machinery and equipment, Rittal has launched a new service branded RittalXpress. The main aim of the service is to save customers time and money by placing orders via an online configurator, or by contacting the designated RittalXpress team. Rit

Rittal’s New Thermoelectric Cooler with Heating Function

Last year, Rittal has launched its new award-winning thermoelectric cooling unit. With a 100W cooling capacity and a weight of only 3kg it is the lightest and most efficient thermoelectric cooling unit available. As it does not use any refrigerant or compressors, it provides an excell

Rittal Introduces Heaters for Outdoor Cabinet Range

One of the biggest enemies for users of outdoor enclosures is the onset of cold weather and with it the possibility of condensation within the structure. In order to eliminate this unwanted natural event, Rittal has introduced heaters for their outdoor cabinet range to keep the chill off delicate

Rittal introduces New IT Management Software, RiZone

Rittal and Microsoft partnership shows that when two giants of the data centre start working together how real energy savings and business efficiency can be achieved. This is made possible by the interplay of RiZone, Rittal's new management software for the IT infrastructure and Microsoft's syste

Rittal Introduces New Connector Gland

Rittal's new connector gland offers significantly less assembly work, a flexible sealing system for different cable diameters and simple entry of pre-assembled cables for easy routing. Consisting of a sealing frame suitable for 16/24-pole connector cut-outs and pluggable sealing modules

EPLAN Introduces the New EPLAN Electric P8 2.0

EPLAN unveiled the new EPLAN Electric P8 2.0 electrical controls design software, in beta version at the Hanover Fair. Whether point wiring, active device protection or channel oriented PLC design, the software offers practical potential for more project reliability, functionality and speed.

Rittal Introduces the Ripac Vario Subrack

Rittal introduce the Ripac Vario subrack for mounting multiple board electronic solutions in 19in (482.6mm) racks, as the range is easily upgraded from standard to EMC after it has been completed. This will provide over 40dB of shielding effectiveness at 1GHz, both for incoming and outgoing prote

Rittal Introduces Outdoor Enclosure Cooling Unit Range

Rittal have introduced a range of cooling units specifically designed for outdoor enclosure applications. Any outdoor enclosure will suffer from solar gain on long and hot summer days and as a result the internal temperature will rise above the ambient. It is well known that the life e

Rittal Ri4Power Switch Disconnector Fuse Sections

The construction of Rittal Ri4Power switch-disconnector-fuse section is based on Rittal's Ri4Power well-known components. In the highest design version, an internal separation to installation Form 4b is achieved with complete side panel modules and bar covers. Depending on the number o

Rittal’s Advanced Cabling Solutions

Handling fibre and the new 10 Gb/s augmented category 6 cabling in data centres is becoming significantly more difficult to deal with. With greater core diameters, which in turn cause larger bend radii, the enclosure is no longer a secondary consideration. Both the Rittal TS 8 and TE7000 range of

Rittal Introduces Invisible Cooling for Outdoor Cabinets

Rittal has introduced a secure outdoor cabinet complete with hidden cooling solutions. Designed for use in remote areas, or those subject to high levels of vandalism, the WK4 enclosure has no visible louvres or other obvious orifices for the air to air heat exchanger, or chiller, integrated into

Rittal Rain Canopy Enhances Outdoor Enclosures Use

Although most of Rittal's AE compact enclosure range is rated to IP66, they were not designed to be used as outdoor enclosures. The introduction of stainless steel models improved the protection against moisture and air-borne contaminants which made the enclosures particularly suitable for a wide

EPLAN Electric P8 Update

EPLAN Service Pack 1 for electrical controls design software EPLAN Electric P8 v1.9 adds extensions in reports, schematic and master data creation, such as intelligent PDF export, and consistency in the design and planning process. New search functions, the parallel tree and list view in the part

Rittal’s Electronics Cooling with a Difference

Designed for use in MicroTCA applications, the new compact cooling package (CCP) from Rittal has the flexibility and scalability to provide targeted cooling in many rack mounted applications where significant amounts of heat are being generated. Each CCP is capable of removing up to 1200W of heat

Rittal Provides Grounding to UL1950

Various solutions have been developed for protection from electrostatic charge and to combat it effectively. One major problem exists where a plug-in board has been tested immediately prior to insertion into a live system under hot-swap conditions. Rittal now has alternative solutions to combat t

New EPLAN Data Portal Released Online

The new version of the EPLAN Data Portal is now online with functions that accelerate the organisation and administration of devices and components. Numerous search and administration functions are easier for users and make the engineering process faster. In practice designing becomes more effici

Rittal Releases New Comprehensive RiLine60 Catalogue

Rittal has released a new dedicated, 120-page catalogue on their extensive range of RiLine60 power distribution components. In the full-colour catalogue Rittal details three and four-pole busbar systems, connection technology and component adaptors in conjunction with compatible accessories.

Rittal Opens Revamped London Demonstration Facility

Rittal are proud to announce the opening of its newly revamped London demonstration facility, strategically placed at Enfield, on the outskirts of London. The facility actively demonstrates all the key elements of data centre infrastructure design, including, mechanical constructions, power deplo

Rittal Produces Power Engineering Software Tool

Power Engineering v4.1, is Rittal's new version of planning and configuration software for type-tested low-voltage switchgear of their Ri4Power systems, Form 1, Form 2-4 and Ri4Power Form 1 ISV. The software offers quick and easy generation of quotations and bill of materials with better assembly

New AC Speed Controller for Rittal Fan and Filter Products

Rittal's new SK3120.200 is an electronic speed control for two-pole single-phase AC motors which replaces the older controllers SK3120.000 and SK3120.115. The new device has a supply range from 100V to 230V 50Hz/60Hz in one unit and is a simple snap-fit onto standard 35mm support rails, which mak

Rittal Fuel Cells Provide Efficient Emergency Power Supply

Rittal have recently unveiled their new ready-to-connect modular fuel cell, RiCell, to supply back up power supplies for critical processes that demand high availability. RiCell is available in two different power classes with the larger system supplying cascade power of 5kW, 10kW, 15kW and 20kW.

New Baying Kit for AE Vibration Resistant Enclosures

Rittal's AE wall boxes can now be installed as a suite with the introduction of the new AE baying kit. Available for AE enclosure sizes from 800mm high to 350mm deep, the new kit comes complete with screws and nuts for rapid assembly, eliminating the need for thread-tapping, while ensuring the co

Protect Cooling Efficiency with Rittal RiNano Technology

Rittal's TopTherm Plus cooling units are now supplied with RiNano technology on the condensor coil. In extreme conditions, such as heavily contaminated environments, it is vital to keep the units clean in order to maintain efficiency. Over time, the performance of cooling units can dete

Vibration Tested Air-Air Heat Exchangers

Rittal has developed an air-to-air heat exchanger, which has been specifically tailored to cater for the needs of the mobile railway engineering industry. Available in both 24VDC and 100VDC versions, the exchangers have been constructed to EN 50 155, and vibration tested to EN 61 373. O

Double-Skinned Modular Flexible Outdoor Enclosures

Rittal introduce a new range of double skinned aluminium outdoor enclosures built from a series of modular sections to enable quicker delivery times and reduce purchasing costs. Centred around a welded stainless steel frame with 25mm punching, the CS modular enclosure range includes fou

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