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Ticketing Solutions for the Railway Industry

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As a full IT service provider, HanseCom designs and implements goal-oriented solutions for specific IT processes in the public transport sector. Our concept follows the design-build-operate-maintain value chain with a special focus on fare collection and ticketing solutions.

Based on over 20 years of industry expertise, we help to optimise business processes with future-oriented solutions in the following areas:

  • E-Ticketing / electronic fare management (EFM)
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Back-office sales system PTnova

IT System for interoperable electronic fare management (EFM)

E-ticketing in public transport is facing a technological challenge: to realise an electronic ticket that can be used nationwide, you need to link up a variety of enterprises both physically and logically to one system and to create a network incorporating all relevant data systems.

The e-ticketing system offered is setting standards in the field in Germany. This solution supports the specific business processes and product types involved in EFM while taking into account the German e-ticketing standard of the VDV core application. The SAP-based sales background system (PTnova) connects the front-end and the back-end and ensures a smooth dataflow – from the chip card and the card reader right through to the accounts system.

Designed as a central background system, PTnova supports all business sales processes.
HanseCom helps to optimise business processes with future-oriented ticketing solutions.
HanseCom offers an innovative mobile ticket sales solution for public transport companies.
HanseCom offers a comprehensive VDV-CA compliant IT solution for electronic fare management.

PTnova is so scalable that it can take on any task, ranging from individual companies in interoperable networks right through to regional associations. All other sales channels can also be integrated, with the result that just one solution is needed to control all sales-related business processes. PTnova as an e-ticketing system is offered both as a product license and as SaaS (software as a service).

PTnova, conceived as a central background system, maps all sales processes within a transport company:

  • Flexible provider network reports
  • CRM & complaint management
  • Material management for chip cards
  • Document analysis for e-ticketing
  • Tariff structure management
  • Standard interface to upstream systems
  • Equipment management for all connected equipment
  • Communication logging for e-ticketing components

IT System for mobile ticketing

The principle is quite easy: register once and buy your tickets via your mobile phone or PDA. No more lines at ticket counters, and much more flexibility for the customers.

Mobile ticketing from HanseCom is an innovative mobile sales solution for public transport companies, upholding the principle of interoperability. The customer just registers in the system once and can then buy tickets anytime and anywhere in any participating region.

In Germany HanseCom is providing and operating the nationwide mobile ticketing solution which is coordinated by the Association of German Transportation Companies (VDV):

  • Central operation of uniform solution with easy installation
  • Sophisticated tariff mapping for individual customer needs
  • iPhone app available
  • Four technologies for ticket purchase (Java, SMS, Web, 0800)
  • Additional functions such as timetable information

Background sales system for public transport

Public transport companies make two important demands on their sales: efficiency and a focus on the customer and the market. PTnova does justice to both requirements. Designed as a central background system, PTnova supports all business sales processes and is integrated directly into SAP as an official industry add-on – certified by SAP.

PTnova maps all distribution channels, provides a customised CRM and complaint management system and automatically transfers all sales data to financial accounting in compressed form. No separate interface is required owing to its complete integration into the SAP ERP system.

PTnova has multi-client functionality and can be used by multiple independent companies and cooperatives within one installation. The open system architecture facilitates easy integration of future standards and developments. Our core areas are:

  • Subscription (students, companies, private)
  • Direct sales (connection to vending machines, ticket printers, cash registers, etc.)
  • Offence prosecution (penalty fare)
  • EFM / e-Ticketing
  • CRM & complaints management
  • Customer e-service
  • Tariff management


  • Algiers Metro

    Algiers Metro was inaugurated on 31 October 2011 after nearly three decades of development. It is Algeria's first metro system and the second metro transport system in Africa.

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