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Automatic and Semi-Permanent Couplers

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The Dellner Group of companies design and manufacture several types of automatic couplers and semi-permanent couplers for railways and Mass Transit Authorities around the world. These products are used for high-speed trains, metros, freight trains, people movers, inter-city trains, commuters and light-rail vehicles, for both electric and diesel applications.

Your partner for safe and reliable train coupler systems

Dellner Couplers Group is organised to meet the market demands so as to handle large projects together with the different car-builders around the world, for example Asia, Europe and North America.

Our products are developed for and adapted to the customer’s demands with the help of our modern CAD/CAM system.

Our manufacturing base is located in Vika, outside Falun, Sweden, where we have the most modern machining equipment available today. The combination of worldwide experience, design expertise, quality controlled manufacturing and reliable field service, has earned us a sound reputation within the transit industry.

Dellner Couplers produce couplers for light rail vehicles, including Bombardier's low floor trams, Minneapolis.
Dellner Couplers' automatic coupler for OSC, Australia.
Dellner has supplied retractable couplers for the Czech Pendolino by Alstom.


Dellner Couplers was established in 1941 to design and manufacture automatic couplers in Sweden. Today, we operate internationally and have our own companies for assembly and manufacturing in Sweden, Poland, the USA and China, as well as a sales office in France and Germany. Throughout the world our agent companies represent us.

Dellner Couplers AB is approved as supplier to the ISO 9001quality system.

Advantages with Dellner couplers

Ownership: Dellner is an independent, privately owned company.

Quality: Dellner has a certified ISO 9001, Quality system.

Manufacturing Capability: Dellner manufactures complete mechanical, electrical and pneumatic coupler systems.

Number of electrical contacts: Dellner can supply electrical couplers with up to 2 x 140 contacts, containing power and signalling contacts as well as computer signals.

Energy Absorption Systems: Dellner offers complete energy absorption systems for the entire train. Dellner introduced the gas-hydraulic absorption system. Over 9,000 units are in service in 30 countries.

Systems Offered: Dellner has wide range of automatic systems. Dellner offers AAR tightlock, Knuckle, Hook, Albert and Latch type systems. Special applications such as retracting couplers are also available.

Industry’s First: Dellner was first with stow away and retractable couplers and first with gas-hydraulic buffers.

Flexibility: Dellner provides tailor-made solutions to the client. In addition to couplers, we also provide semi-trailer joints, adapters, sidebuffers, hatches, snowgaiters and other parts to the car-front end.

Product Option: Dellner offers local content in the USA, UK, Germany, Poland and China, and as applicable, minority business content.

After Sales Service: Dellner has a complete Aftersales network for spare parts, maintenance, repairs, training and upgrades.

Company Experience: Dellner has experience with US and European standards and works with life cycle costs, reliability & maintainability standards and safety analysis.

Language Capability: Dellner is an international company. All customer-related staff speak English.

Experience operating: Dellner has experience with operation in all climates, from Finland and Canada to Singapore and Malaysia.


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