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Antivibration for Bogies – Primary and Secondary Suspensions and Other Rubber-Metal Parts

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Paulstra and Barry Controls, part of Hutchinson Group (€2.6 billion, 24,000 people, 100 industrial sites), are world leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of anti-vibration solutions dedicated to the railway industry.

The range of solutions includes the main rubber-metal parts for bogies, such as pneumatic secondary suspensions, primary suspensions, bushes, laminated pads, equipped rods, traction mechanisms, anti-roll bars, stops, engine / equipment suspensions and resilient elements for low-deck tramway wheels.

The main rolling-stock applications covered are: high-speed and very high-speed trains, intercity/regional trains, metros, tramways and locomotives.

Hutchinson Paulstra and Barry Controls are present in Europe, the US and Asia, supporting the major rolling stock manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and operators. In addition to a wide range of already designed and qualified products for railways, Hutchinson Paulstra also engineers customised solutions in accordance to his customers’ needs. All these items are then tested and qualified in a test centre before entering into service.

Hutchinson Paulstra and Barry Controls are world leaders in antivibration solutions for the railway industry, such as rubber-metal parts for bogies.
Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a wide range of primary and pneumatic secondary suspensions (air springs, emergency spring and metal parts package) to improve the quality and safety of rail vehicles' ride.
Hutchinson Paulstra produces items such as bushes, equipped rods,traction mechanisms, anti-roll bars, and engine / equipment suspensions.
Hutchinson Paulstra also supply resilient elements for low-deck tramway wheels.

Secondary suspensions

In partnership with its customers, Paulstra has developed a wide range of pneumatic secondary suspensions (air spring, emergency spring and metal parts package) to improve the quality and safety of the ride in rail vehicles.

The complete function, including different families of membranes and emergency springs, air tank when required, is suited to high-speed trains, intercity trains and metros.

For example, Hutchinson Paulstra is the homologated supplier for secondary suspensions on many famous European programs (French TGV – one deck and Duplex double-deck – PBKA, TER2NNG, M6, etc.), North American (LIRR, NJT, etc.) and Asian (South Korean high-speed trains, EMU China, Chinese metro lines in Shanghai and Guangzhou, etc.).

Primary suspensions (conical springs and chevron springs)

Hutchinson Paulstra primary suspensions range includes solutions such as conical springs, chevrons springs, laminated pads, systems including bushes. Applicable to rail vehicles and locomotives, they simplify installation and increase service life.

Bushes, pivots, stops and laminated pads

Hutchinson Paulstra has a long experience of design and manufacturing of these families of products. The brought improvements reduce friction and play, decrease wear and noise. Furthermore, Hutchinson Paulstra takes advantage of its wide experience in other industry market segments (aerospace, defence and general industry) to bring innovative solutions to railways.

Added-value and worldwide field-service

Through its mastership of the full-chain of rubber-metal part design and manufacturing (design of part/function, mixing of compound, prototype realization, testing and qualification, series production including high process control and repeatability), Hutchinson Paulstra ensures optimised lifetime of delivered parts.

With its worldwide organization, Hutchinson Paulstra provides to its customers a reactive field service and support.


  • TGV – ICE3 – KTX – LIRR – NYCT – NJT – ETR 500
  • Santiago, Mexico, Paris, Montreal, Melbourne, Shanghai, Guangzhou
  • Lyon, Dublin, Barcelone, Orléans, Bordeaux Citadis


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