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Plants and Equipment for the Railway Industry

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WEGH Group is a leader in the design and construction of solutions for the railway industry with more than 470 customers in over 40 countries around the world.

WEGH Group is firmly established in its reference markets and stands out for giving lots of attention to technological development and innovation. It has acquired over 50 years worth of product skills to create a fundamental and comprehensive know-how that is placed at the service of the railway sector and makes WEGH Group an invaluable and reliable partner.

Its railway products are manufactured in four Italian plants and can be broken down into three main areas: plants and equipment for the production of railway sleepers and bearers in PRC, railway sleepers and bearers in PRC, signalling systems and rolling stock components.

Plants and equipment for producing railway sleepers and switch bearers

WEGH Group plants and equipment for producing railway sleepers and switch bearers in PRC make use of long line or carousel technology.

A WEGH Group long-line plant in Riobamba, Ecuador, producing 300,000 PRC railway sleepers per year.
A WEGH Group long-line plant in Saudi Arabia, producing 2,400 PRC railway sleepers per day.
A WEGH Group TD 96/2 level crossing system installed on the Italian railway network.
WEGH Group MET TD03 switching mechanism.
WEGH Group pre-stressed reinforced concrete railway sleepers.

The group’s high level of specialisation in design and technology, together with its impressive portfolio of completed projects, guarantee the best in product quality, recognised by both its numerous customers around the world as well as leading producers of rail blocking systems.

WEGH Group railway superstructure plants and equipment is found in 21 countries, has a productive capacity of more than 26,000 sleepers per day and offers proven success thanks to its reliability, efficiency, safety, durability and availability.

From its inception, the WEGH Group sales and customer service departments have proven their commitment to meeting the needs of customers and its qualified, expert R&D team is always ready to develop state-of-the-art technical solutions to offer the market a highly-competitive product. In Brazil, for example, the WEGH Group has created the largest plant in the world with a production capacity of 4,800 sleepers per day.

Railway sleepers and bearers

The design and production technologies utilised by WEGH Group in producing railway sleepers and bearers in PRC conform to leading international standards, including among others UIC and AREMA.

The entire production process is subject to strict quality controls to verify that product geometry conforms to order specifications.

Currently, for the Italian market alone, WEGH Group has produced over three million sleepers in PRC and 5,000 switch bearers.

Level crossing devices and switching mechanisms for railway signalling and safety

The WEGH Group is active in the area of railway signalling and safety, offering consolidated know-how in the production of mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical devices, including switching mechanisms, level crossing barriers, pedals, both line and street LED signals, and components for railway relay excitation advance and delay.

All products are manufactured in conformity with international standards and technical specifications requested by the RFI-Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, an organisation recognised internationally for its high-security standards.

WEGH Group has focused its efforts on creating products that guarantee high reliability, maximum levels of security and low running costs. For all these reasons, the RFI selected the TD96/2 as the official level crossing device for the Italian railway, which has over 5,500 units installed.

Rolling stock design and production

WEGH Group is also involved in designing and producing rolling stock components, such as systems for automatic doors, lighting systems and components, command and control devices and car electrical panels.
The company’s electrical, mechanical and electromechanical know-how means it can work in close collaboration with its customers and offer reliable systems for even the most demanding projects.





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