Vossloh Fastening Systems is a global leader in the production of track fastening systems. High-speed, heavy-haul, urban transport or standard lines are all equipped with our cutting-edge products. Standing for extreme resilience, top quality, maximum safety and cost-effectiveness, our solutions make a key contribution to keeping people and freight mobile.

Vossloh Werdohl is the producing company, responsible for the production of tension clamps and now also for the production of rail pads, rail fastening systems and high-speed rail fastening systems.

The system W21 is a highly elastic rail fastening system for concrete sleepers

The Skl 21 high-speed tension clamp permanently clamps the rail to the concrete sleeper by means of the outer spring arms.

W 21 rail fastening system for ballasted track.
The 300 rail fastening tension clamp.
Base plate pads.
Structure of high resilience and base plate pads for vibration- as well as noise reduction.

This high-speed tension clamp has fatigue strength of 2.5mm for five million load cycles. Therefore it is possible to use rail pads with a static stiffness greater or equal to 30kN/mm.

During tamping and lining of the rails or when passing through tight curves, a lift or tilt of the rail is compensated by the middle bend of the tension clamp, which projects above the rail foot (steep curve of the spring characteristic). Overloading of the spring arms and consequently plastic deformation is thereby excluded.

The highly elastic rail pad is protected from over-stress by means of a small nose in the front of the angled guide plate, which provides additional protection against rail tilting.

Rail fastening system for slab tracks

Slab tracks meet all the requirements for combined high speed and heavy load traffic.

The 300 rail fastening system for slab tracks, which can be pre-assembled, is suitable for all methods of slab track installation. The highly elastic intermediate plate substitutes for the elasticity of the ballast bed. A steel pressure distribution pad, which supports the rail through the interposition of conventional rail pads, is used to improve the load distribution on the intermediate plate.

The rail is held laterally in position by plastic, angled guide plates. The rail is permanently tensioned by spring-actuation as a result of the long elastic spring deflection of the Skl 15 tension clamp.

The rail fastening system 300 can be adjusted by up to 76mm in height and by +/-16mm in track gauge.

Rail pads / base plate pads

Performance of VOSSLOH microcell EPDM rail pads and base-plate pads:

  • Very high resilience
  • Excellent noise and vibration damping
  • Minor change of the spring rate in the working temperature range (tested at temperatures of -50°C to +100°C)
  • Excellent ageing and weather resistance
  • Least water absorption (closed-cell)
  • Excellent UV- and ozone stability
  • Low frequency dependence between 1 Hz and 30 Hz (under dynamic load)
  • Enormous hydrolyse stability

The applied EPDM elastomer has in its chemical structure a saturated polymer main chain that causes a high stability against a variety of chemical attacks. This explains the material’s extraordinary thermal, ageing and weathering behavior as well as its excellent durability.

Development of new rail pads and base plate pads

The microcellular rail pads and base plate pads show the desired stiffness in the relevant load area, they have a circular cavity in their middle and are thinner in the area of contact with the rail foot. It is thereby achieved that at an equal vertical stiffness the rail configuration in the outer rail foot area has a higher stiffness (no tilting).