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Rail Infrastructure, Overhead Catenary Lines and Signalling Systems

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Steconfer is a global railway construction company with an experienced workforce and plant equipment fleet for track works, overhead line (catenary), railway signalling and rail-based based systems.

The company’s current and future position in the market stems from a set of values, namely technical competence, innovation, professionalism and social responsibility.

Steconfer has the resources, experience and know-how to produce with high technical level and high customer satisfaction the installation and maintenance of Light Rail Train, Mass Rapid Transit and Railway in generally. Steconfer has focused its international activities through its worldwide-acknowledged railway expertise in emblematic projects.

Railway infrastructure construction and maintenance

Delivering railway infrastructure, metro, MRT and light rail fixed installations, construction and maintenance services worldwide.

Embedded track installation at LRT Kaoshiung, Taiwan.
STECONFER carrying out embedded track installation works at Luas Cross City in Dublin, Ireland.
Ballast tracks being installed over a 40km segment of the Bioten-Concepcion line in Chile.
Slab track being installed for Lisbon Underground in Portugal.
Track works on the D. Ana Bridge for Mozambique's Sena Line.
STECONFER's certified experts carry out aluminothermic welding.
Catenary works for Porto Metro in Portugal.
Signalling works at the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique.
The company has carried out slope treatment services for railway projects in Portugal and Spain.

Steconfer places great emphasis on providing our clients with solutions and has built a reputation for being a ‘can-do’ company. Commitment, integrity, professionalism, and innovation are all also vital factors in the emergence of Steconfer in the railway scene.

Steconfer has a vast project portfolio of rail track works and systems in four continents, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Railway installation

Steconfer with its resources, experience and know-how has developed very significant expertise and experience in new construction, renovation and rehabilitation, and maintenance.

In any of the aforementioned areas we operate in all types of railway and in different conditions such as plain line track, stations, bridges and viaducts.

Overhead catenary, signalling and telecommunication systems

Steconfer work is directed to the most competent and experienced contractors in the construction and rail industry. The company invested in a complex and safety-critical business as rail industry signalling systems and catenary.

Our qualified and industry-recognised team is proficient in installing, testing, commissioning and maintaining systems across all signalling and catenary technologies.

Quality, environment and safety management system

Steconfer has an integrated management system in quality, environment and safety, implemented and certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

This integrated management system has been the driving force for Steconfer and has led to its recognition for all the projects that it has embraced around the world.

Research and development for innovative rail applications

When the need for innovation became an objective, this resulted in UNE 166002 certification.

It is our objective to encourage a research culture and extensive innovation throughout the company, involving all employees in the important goals of generating ideas and proposals, for innovative solutions that result in capital gains for the company and for our clients through value engineering.

In order to achieve continuous improvement, the training of our workers is a constant priority.

A rail track section with catenary elements and signalling was built in Steconfer’s yard facilities, which allows all employees to have contact with the specifications of each activity and monitor the technological evolution, through training sessions given by the leaders.


STECONFER was founded in 1997 and has been part of Ecisa Group since 2008. The company has a vast project portfolio of track works and systems in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Aside from its headquarters in Portugal, the company has branches in Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Qatar, Taiwan, Chile and Mozambique.

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Products & services

  • Slope Protection and Vegetation Clearing

    Steconfer supplies nets to protect the railway from rocks and other debris falling on the tracks. We are also certified to clear and apply pesticides to the trackside.

  • Signalling and Catenary

    Steconfer is a company that invests complex and safety-critical signalling systems and catenary for the rail industry.

  • Aluminothermic Weld

    Steconfer has specialised certified welders for the existing aluminothermic welding systems and rail type with experience in worldwide projects.

  • Rail Track Works

    Steconfer has developed significant expertise in rail track works with its wide experience and resources.

STECONFER – Soc. Tecnica de Construções Ferreas, SA
Rua Nova dos Mercadores, nº 22
R/C Dto (Lote 3.07.07 A) – Parque das Nações
1990 - 180 Lisboa

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