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Industrial Fasteners for the Rail Industry

KVT Fastening

As a leading specialist of industrial fastening technology, KVT-Fastening offers sophisticated, high-quality individual components and customer-specific solutions for applications in a variety of industries and sectors. The company belongs to the Bossard Group, a leading provider of intelligent solutions for industrial fastening technology.

Together with the Bossard Group’s expertise in goods management, the logistics of C-parts, the procurement of special parts and process consulting, many new options on the market that will make the KVT-Fastening even stronger.

With 230 employees based in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, KVT-Fastening achieves a turnover of approximately Srf120m.

BIGHEAD® connecting elements feature universal high-specification connections, which are resistant to tearing off and tearing out.
FASTEKS KD-TECH® / ecosyn® BCT blind rivet nuts are load-bearing threads that are designed for applications in thin-walled, high-tensile, soft, brittle and sandwich-materials.
FASTEKS® steel or stainless-steel thread inserts create precise, durable internal threads in workpieces made of light metal alloy and other materials with low shear resistance.
Simple to install, flexible and stable, KVT quick-fastening system are used to connect different materials and surfaces to make a reliable bond.
HUCK® fasteners are primarily used in the transport industry in areas such as vehicle manufacture, containers and frame construction.
PEM® self-clinching fasteners are inserted in a hole in the workpiece. From there, the self-clinching fastener displaces the material in the region of the drill-hole.
FILKO® blind rivet nuts are single-part hollow-thread nuts, which are installed ‘blind’ from a single side without the need for reworking, representing an efficient and impressive solution.
SOUTHCO® compression latches, hinges, handles, push-to-close latches, draw latches, captive fasteners and quarter-turn fasteners offer a suitable solution for all types of vehicles.

Customised sealing and fastening solutions

The term ‘solutioneering’ means offering customers long-term experience, maximum development and materials expertise, innovative spirit, project reliability and planning ability. This is the stable foundation from which we offer efficient and safe solutions for difficult tasks and new designs. Our experts advise clients with a competent knowledge of material trends and state-of-the-art fastening techniques.

At KVT-Fastening, customers benefit from one of the largest and highest-quality product portfolios in the sealing and fastening industry. We develop total packages and individual, customised systems and solutions. We also support customers from the initial project planning stage through to development and implementation.

Robust fastening and sealing systems

A variety of materials, as well as countless fastening and sealing systems, need to be integrated into production processes so that they withstand extreme conditions. Precision, stability and safety must be guaranteed. Thanks to decades of experience, significant technical expertise and our extensive product range, KVT-Fastening provides numerous solutions that perfectly match the quantity, quality requirements and automation level.

Rail project management and material consultation

KVT-Fastening’s internationally accomplished experts analyse requirements at the start of each project. They then proceed to develop ideal solutions that are economical, efficient and safe.

During this process, they consider the requirements of the materials to be fastened, as well as the strain to be expected. These specifications include the application area, oscillation, vibrations, fluctuating temperatures and stress levels, as well as corrosion or safety resistance.

About the Bossard Group

The Bossard Group was founded in 1831 and is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for industrial fastening technology. Its services include global sales, technical engineering consulting and logistics of fastening technology. In December 2012, the Bossard Group took over KVT-Fastening, which was the fastening department of the KVT Group.

Their customers include local and multinational industrial companies, which Bossard helps to reach a higher level of productivity. With 1,600 employees in more than 50 locations worldwide, Bossard achieved a turnover of Sfr474m in 2011.

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