EMRAILS holds and supplies the largest, most comprehensive range of ex-stock railway tracks, available for immediate delivery in Australia, New Zealand, and various export markets.

An Australian rail stockist for more than 20 years, the company provides excellent service in stocking and distributing rail, railway supply, and crane rail supply.

Tracks for railway applications

EMRAILS aims to have sufficent stock to fulfil all customer requirements. The company offers a wide range of rail types and sizes, including light rail (from 10kg to 30kg), freight and passenger rail (from 41kg to 68kg), crane rail (types A45 and A150) and special crane rail (73kg, 86kg and 87kg).

EMRAILS has supplied rail stock for Australia and New Zealand for more than 20 years.
In addition to rails, the company offers accessories, as well as processing, and project management services.
This table outlines EMRAIL's wide range of rail types and sizes.

EMRAILS supplies railway stock for large and small-scale projects, and ensures on-time delivery for all customers.

Accessories and services for the rail industry

In addition to rail track, EMRAILS also supplies a wide range of rail accessories, such as fishplates and clips. The company also provides processing services, such as drilling, cutting and testing, and project management services, such as flow delivery and storage.

EMRAILS is also a resource for general rail industry information.

Standards for railway stock

EMRAILS stock items meet a variety of national standards, including the Australia Standard (AS) both Standard Carbon and Head Hardened, Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN), and the ArcelorMittal Standard (ARCELOR).

Industry experience

EMRAILS have supplied rail tracks for a number of purposes, including passenger and freight railways, new and replacement rails for cranes, installation rails and extensions for wharfs / ports, line repairs and upgrades, trader and engineering company projects, slipways, and transfer carts.