Queensland Rail’s (QR) CEO, Bob Scheuber, and the executive chairman of Laing
O’Rourke Australia (the owner of Austrak), Andrew Wilson, took part in a signing ceremony at Austrak’s
Rockhampton factory to acknowledge the new relationship between QR and Austrak,
known as the concrete sleeper supply alliance.

The event, on Thursday the 30th of November 2006, marked Austrak’s first alliance-style
contract and an innovative solution for the provision of concrete sleepers, by
QR forming an alliance with a supplier.

"QR has below-rail works going on all over Queensland – from the coal systems of Goonyella, Newlands, Blackwater and Moura, over to the Mount Isa line and massive track expansions as part of the Government’s SEQIP rail upgrades in south east Queensland," said QR CEO Bob Scheuber.

"This agreement is the first of its kind for the provision of material supply contracts – and it’s a win-win for all involved."

The concrete sleeper supply alliance, which is for five years with an option for a
further five years contract, includes the planning, production, stockpiling and load-out
of sleepers from the Austrak manufacturing plant in Rockhampton. The contract,
which also includes Austrak’s innovative timber-replacement sleeper, will supply all
the narrow-gauge sleepers for QR’s needs within the state of Queensland – both
main line and suburban.

"QR is Austrak’s longest-term customer, with the first contract in 1983 for a factory in
Mackay and virtually a continuous relationship ever since," said Austrak’s general
manager, David Priddle.

"Austrak has made 5.7 million sleepers for QR over a period of 23 years, and this
alliance represents a maturing of our relationship, providing a platform from which
innovation and sharing of success will be the new standards."

The Austrak / QR alliance is an open-book arrangement which means that the entire
alliance team is aware of all issues and has a say in the decision making. The
alliance has formed a leadership team whose role is to steer the relationship and
drive outcomes.