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Frankie Youd is the Senior Reporter for Just Auto. She has a background in Journalism with a BA Hons degree from The University of Sussex.

Invest for success: Assisting rail funding

With the American railway industry receiving billions in funding, where should the industry invest to best utilise this finance?

Coventry’s very light solution approaches

Coventry is on track to make history with the launch of the UK’s first very light rail.

Automated assistance: new solutions for the rail industry

IT infrastructure management company Opengear aims to assist the rail sector with a number of automated rail solutions.

Staying connected: a new internet solution for rail

Patchy, poor Wi-Fi on trains can be a nightmare for commuters. UK-based rail technology company Evo-rail has a solution.

Thales introduces Robust Train Positioning System

Thales has developed Robust Train Positioning System network to improve and enhance safety for the UK railway network.

Safety first: New safety solutions from Kite Group

Kite Group has developed improved safety barriers and handrails to improve safety for passengers and workers in railway environments.

Off the platform and onto the train: educating the younger generation

To encourage young people to pursue a career in rail, educational charity The Talent Foundry has started a programme with Network Rail.

Britain’s battered railway bridges

Across the UK the number of railway bridge strikes has been increasing, prompting Network Rail to relaunch a campaign to combat the issue.

The digitalisation of railway: Kryptonite for the industry?

Digitalisation within the industry has created many opportunities, however, it has also increased the risk of the industry falling victim to cyber-attacks.

Increasing rail safety awareness with SWR and UK Youth

South Western Rail are investing in a safety partnership with UK Youth, a charity who aim to empower young people.