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About Future Rail

Future Rail is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the global rail industry, bringing you the latest news and insights in a convenient digital format that can be read online in the web browser of any device. Published monthly and free to read online, this digital magazine brings together business insights, analysis of key issues affecting the industry and the latest technological developments. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the global rail industry, Future Rail covers transport policy, infrastructure projects, technology for all areas of railway construction, operations and maintenance, passenger and freight operations, rolling stock and engines, as well as stations, ticketing and passenger services.

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May 2020 Top

Issue 84 | May 2020
In this issue: the key to expanding rail freight in Europe, how HS2 is being affected by coronavirus, improving cybersecurity on metro networks, and more.

March 2020 Top

Issue 83 | March 2020
In this issue: the impact of protests and COVID-19 on Hong Kong’s subways, inside South America’s Bi-Oceanic Railway project, the volunteers saving lives on the UK’s railways, and more.

February 2020 Top

Issue 82 | February 2020
In this issue: the impact of Chile’s $5bn rail renovation project, air quality at enclosed stations, tackling rail compensation in the UK, and more.

January 2020 Top

Issue 81 | January 2020
In this issue: the impact of climate change on the railways, helping hearing-impaired rail commuters, start-ups disrupting rail in 2020, and more.

Yearbook 2019 Top

Special Issue | Yearbook 2019
Emergency responses to rail disasters, rebuilding Cape Town’s railways, the train engine innovations taking on diesel, and many more of our biggest stories from 2019.

December 2019 Top

Issue 80 | December 2019
In this issue: a new railroad in North America’s Pacific Northwest region, using AI to power train timetables, mapping out crowdfunded rail projects worldwide.

November 2019 Top

Issue 79 | November 2019
In this issue: building a Hyperloop system in India, boxcar shortages in the US rail freight sector, how predictive mapping could help railways cut noise emissions, and more.

October 2019 Top

Issue 78 | October 2019
In this issue: the pros and cons of Chinese high-speed rail development, key safety challenges for rail workers, a new ‘hovertrain’ concept from French start-up Spacetrain, and more.

September 2019 Top

Issue 77 | September 2019
In this issue: Using Wi-Fi to track passenger behaviour, developing rail simulation games, key milestones in the single European railway project, and more

August 2019 Top

Issue 76 | August 2019
In this issue: inside Cape Town’s struggling rail network, a new metro for Doha, the impact of climate change on coastal railways, and more.

July 2019 Top

Issue 75 | July 2019
In this issue: Donald Trump’s LNG challenge for US railways, AI and IoT in predictive maintenance, futuristic freight wagons and more.

June 2019 Top

Issue 74 | June 2019
In this issue: a look at the Houston-Dallas high-speed project, the EU’s view on digitalisation of European railways, automating the infrastructure design process, and more.

May 2019 Top

Issue 73 | May 2019
In this issue: saving French rural railways, analysing Deutsche Bahn’s Advanced TrainLab, finding out where hydrail would work in the UK, automatic face recognition trials, and more.

April 2019 Top

Issue 72 | April 2019
In this issue: personalised disruption messaging begins its first UK trial, the effects of natural disasters on the world’s rail networks, key lessons from successful projects, and more.

March 2019 Top

Issue 71 | March 2019
In this issue: making the case for rail station devolution, mapping the world’s most complex metro maps, face-to-face with Fetch.AI, 3D printing in the rail industry, and more.

February 2019 Top

Issue 70 | February 2019
In this issue: Italy’s new high-speed freight service, upcycling in the rail industry, mapping HS2 with autonomous drones, steam-age signalling in the UK, and more.

January 2019 Top

Issue 69 | January 2019
In this issue: a new dawn for Egyptian rolling stock, Brexit pressures on the Eurostar, in conversation with c2c, the latest on the Moscow-Kazan project, and more.

December 2018 Top

Yearbook 2018
In this issue: The economic contribution of urban rail, top passenger apps, making the case for free transport, VR applications at train stations, the world’s top high-speed routes, and more.

December 2018 Top

Issue 68 | December 2018
In this issue: South Africa’s Phelophepa train, passenger data collection, getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics, wayfinding in train stations, and more.

November 2018 Top

Issue 67 | November 2018
In this issue: Spain’s high-speed woes, the economic contribution of urban rail, Hyperloop’s first passenger capsule, carriage temperature and more.

October 2018 Top

Issue 66 | October 2018
In this issue: Europe’s high-speed projects, the Alstom-Siemens merger, underground train innovation, railway drones, Paris’ Gare du Nord expansion project, and more.

September 2018 Top

Issue 65 | September 2018
In this issue: TfL’s plans to bring mobile networks to the underground, Spain’s state-of-the-art high-speed network, how new rail project in Thailand could boost the economy, Brazil’s abandoned lines, retail opportunities for stations, and more.

August 2018 Top

Issue 64 | August 2018
In this issue: Network Rail’s ruthless new tree clearance plans, an AR app being trialled in Sweden’s train stations, the world’s most dangerous railways, how to improve UK rail fares, a closer look at metro lines around the globe, and more.

July 2018 Top

Issue 63 | July 2018
In this issue: Tracking cargo with digital technologies, the 18km Fehmarnbelt tunnel, upgrading New York City’s subway, 165 years of Indian Railways, plans to reform France’s SNCF rail company, UK track electrification plans, and more.

June 2018 Top

Issue 62 | June 2018
In this issue: Transport for London’s financial woes, professional fare dodgers, the South American mega freight corridor, the UK’s East Coast Line, ranking global rail hubs, the best rail apps for commuters, and more.

May 2018 Top

Issue 61 | May 2018
In this issue: Trouble for Tokyo’s commuters, implementing positive train control, the UK diesel phase-out, Alstom’s station-charging tram, the case for free transit, cross-country tickets, and more.

April 2018 Top

Issue 60 | April 2018
In this issue: High-speed rail winning over air travel, Jerusalem-Tel Aviv, Northern Powerhouse Rail, 3D printing rail cars, drones for surveying, auctioning off first class tickets, and more.

March 2018 Top

Issue 59 | March 2018
In this issue: Double-decker trains in the UK, Columbia’s Bogotá metro line, training first responders, themed trains, and more.

February 2018 Top

Issue 58 | February 2018
In this issue: Breaking barriers for wheelchair users, Beijing’s maglev, smart rail, Brenner Base Tunnel, hydrogen-powered trains, solar sleepers, and more.

January 2018 Top

Issue 57 | January 2018
In this issue: Saving Cape Town’s trains, Amtrak infrastructure, managing night transport, Hyperloop designs, using WiFi for better journeys, commuter input, and more.

Yearbook 2017 Top

Special Issue | Yearbook 2017
In this issue: A look back at the top stories, projects and innovations of 2017,
developments to look out for in 2018, and more.

December 2017 Top

Issue 56 | December 2017
In this issue: Indian Railways’ solar drive, Australia’s national framework, the Crossrail legacy, signalling problems, ticket price predicting tools, threat of taxi apps, and more.

November 2017 Top

Issue 55 | November 2017
In this issue: China’s funding of Eastern rail, Australia’s freight corridor, Network Rail reforms, facial recognition tech, cable theft, reliable onboard WiFi, and more.

October 2017 Top

Issue 54 | October 2017
In this issue: Thailand’s link to China, Stockholm’s landscape bridge, an air-propelled prototype, breathing in London’s underground, drone-based surveying, riding the Mail Rail, and more.

September 2017 Top

Issue 53 | September 2017
In this issue: Problems with the New York subway, Chinese manufacturing, Europe’s night services, third-generation trains, the barriers against start-ups, level crossings dangers, and more .

August 2017 Top

Issue 52 | August 2017
In this issue: Displacing communities with modern rail, driverless trains in Germany, reopening a disused London station, the Great Lakes Basin project, a Siemens-Bombardier merger, a look in the lost and found, and more.

July 2017 Top

Issue 51 | July 2017
In this issue: Doubling down on Stockholm rail, positive train control, Ontario express is a GO, sustainable rail tourism, rebuilding Riga station, UK freight’s timetable, and more.

June 2017 Top

Issue 50 | June 2017
In this issue: India’s undersea bullet, Montréal’s toxic waste transit, trouble with Queensland’s rolling stock, freight and fossil fuels, Night Tube noise, mapping trains in real-train, and more.

May 2017 Top

Issue 49 | May 2017
In this issue: European HSR hub designs, a corridor to the Baltic states, inner city rail construction, the Texas bullet, driver only trains, shaking up rail fares, and more.

April 2017 Top

Issue 48 | April 2017
In this issue: Onboard Japan’s luxury sleeper, China’s high-speed rail transfer policy and direct rail freight to the UK, the unlikely success of monorails, GE’s trainsets for India, Stuttgart’s new station, and more.

March 2017 Top

Issue 47 | March 2017
In this issue: Exporting Japan’s bullet train, what it takes to drive Virgin Trains’ new Azuma, Sydney Metro’s growth spurt, solar-powered trains, engines of tomorrow, combating fake tickets, and more.

February 2017 Top

Issue 46 | February 2017
In this issue: Amtrak and Uber unite for the last mile, open access passenger services, HS2’s second stage, using drones for accident investigations, e- tickets in the Apple Wallet, passenger security, and more.

January 2017 Top

Issue 45 | January 2017
In this issue: Best of the projects coming up this year, New York Penn Station’s revamp, dealing with delay compensation and alcohol consumption, green alternatives for non-electrified lines, turning locomotives into inspectors, and more .

December 2016 Top

Issue 44 | December 2016
In this issue: The major cities reclaiming disused tracks, China backs Russian rail, Europe’s uniform signalling, transforming Amtrack’s Northeast Corridor, on-board infotainment, Network Rail and the Shaw report, operational excellence, and more.

November 2016 Top

Issue 43 | November 2016
In this issue: Privately owned US rail, Crossrail’s Bentley software, Jakarta’s mass rapid transit system, the digital train inspired by Hyperloop, body camera on trial for rail security, the National Training Academy for Rail one year on, and more.

October 2016 Top

Issue 42 | October 2016
In this issue: Alstom’s double-decker trains for HS2, a futuristic plane-to-train pod concept, outcomes of the US Millenial Trains Project, Fujitsu’s digital railway technologies, the feasibility of crowdfunding rail projects, safety-checking driverless freight trains, and more.

September 2016 Top

Issue 41 | September 2016
In this issue: Tackling violence against transport workers, dealing with climate change, timber asset management and carbon neutral cargo, and the tech transforming network protection, landslide prediction, inspections, onboard entertainment and more.

August 2016 Top

Issue 40 | August 2016
In this issue: Rio de Janeiro prepares for transport during the Olympics, impact of the Shaw Report, Queensland’s Cross River Rail, Bombardier in India, German state aiming for full hydrogen power, Transport for London’s open data programme, and more.

July 2016 Top

Issue 39 | July 2016
In this issue: Building the first hyperloop system in Slovakia, the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail project, British Transport Police’s sexual offence unit, Scotland’s push on rail freight markets, planting trackside habitats, New York’s new Oculus station, and more.

June 2016 Top

Issue 38 | June 2016
In this issue: A new streetcar for New York, Crossrail’s learning legacy, connecting Iran, the business case for improving accessibility on rail networks, drone inspections in the US and more.

May 2016 Top

Issue 37 | May 2016
In this issue: Improving infrastructure in Ethiopia, boosting US rail to tackle climate change, the future of London’s commuter lines under TfL, tram trouble in Lisbon, account based ticketing, and more.

April 2016 Top

Issue 36| April 2016
In this issue: railway development in Nigeria, the Helsinki-Tallinn rail tunnel plan, rolling stock procurement in Europe, the state of rail safety in the US, tackling emissions at stations and more.

March 2016 Top

Issue 35| March 2016
In this issue: The most promising eco-friendly locomotive designs, innovation with HackTrain, the UK’s rolling stock boom, project management tips from Crossrail’s programme director, seeing the bigger picture in network maintenance and more.

February 2016 Top

Issue 34| February 2016
In this issue: Alstom’s new focus on rail, inside the Gotthard Base Tunnel project, how London Underground is recycling energy from Tube trains, Germany’s first crowdfunded rail service, a look at the world’s railway heritage and more.

January 2016 Top

Issue 33| January 2016
In this issue:Why the UK is looking to China for HS2 investment, how the US is preparing its network for the PTC implementation deadline, solutions to Chicago’s rail gridlock, taking the stress out of rush hour with new tech ideas, software tools for tunnelling and more.

December 2015 Top

Issue 32| December 2015
In this issue:Times of change for Deutsche Bahn, Australia’s switch to digital signalling, Network Rail’s mobile maintenance trains, Scotland’s newest rail line, meeting urgent demand for rolling stock in the UK, and more.

November 2015 Top

Issue 31 | November 2015
In this issue:Indonesia’s high-speed u-turn, a new trans-Caspian transport route, improving passenger security on Europe’s railways, Berlin’s smart station transformation, training a new generation of railway professionals in the UK, and more

October 2015 Top

Issue 30 | October 2015
In this issue: Investing in Spain’s railways, catching up with California’s high-speed rail project, boosting demand for rail freight in Europe, Deutsche Bahn’s Infrastructure 4.0 Programme, world’s most iconic stations, and more.

September 2015 Top

Issue 29 | September 2015
In this issue: US derailments reignite the positive train control debate, kick-starting Australia’s Inland Rail project, London’s all-night Tube, facilitating UK growth in freight, Dutch trains go green, and more.

August 2015 Top

Issue 28 | August 2015
In this issue: The reconfigurable carriage concept, a forensic approach to cable theft, ERTMS and cybercrime, catering better to passengers, giving new life to abandoned stations, and more.

July 2015 Top

Issue 27 | July 2015
In this issue: the UK Government’s commitment to revolutionising rail in the North, Australia prioritises road over rail, Europe promotes sustainability across the supply chain, rail-air multi-modal freight systems, and more.

June2015 Top

Issue 26| June2015
In this issue:South Africa’s biggest ever rail project, how Texas could overtake California in high-speed rail, New Delhi’s stalled station modernisation, innovation in rolling stock testing, virtual training for train drivers, loopholes in EU passenger right regulations and more.

May 2015 Top

Issue 25| May2015
In this issue: Xerox’s new Mobility Analytics Platform, contactless payments, more concerns over HS2, trialling a new electric train on UK tracks, preventing animal casualties, and more.

April 2015Top

Issue 23 | April 2015
In this issue: Tackling overcrowding with smart ticketing data, China’s emerging rolling stock giant, the many hurdles to India’s rail modernisation plan, how findings from the SafeRail study can be implemented to improve safety at level crossings and more.

March 2015Top

Issue 23 | March 2015
In this issue: Russia’s progress with LNG-powered trains, Alstom’s H3 diesel hybrid, developing a new city around a rail station, how freight operators are adapting to new European emissions legislation, a look inside the Eurostar e320 and more.

February 2015Top

Issue 22| February2015
In this issue: The UK’s controversial plans for HS3 in the north, proposals for a US-Mexico high-speed link, China’s massive investment in African infrastructure, Cisco’s Connected Transport Challenge, the reasons behind skyrocketing rail fares in the UK, and more.

December 2014Top

Issue 21 | December 2014
In this issue: San Francisco’s fleet of the future, the first fully automated local network in the US, SNCF’s investment strategy at home and abroad, solving London’s transport crisis, 3D laser mapping for rail network maintenance and more.

November 2014Top

Issue 20 | November 2014
In this issue: A new Tube for London, Arup’s vision for rail transport in 2050, Samsung’s tech offering to rail operators, what rail operators can learn from airport security, China’s push for international high-speed projects and more.

October 2014Top

Issue 19 | October 2014
In this issue: California’s high-speed saga continues, China’s export ambitions, India’s rail reforms, Japan’s maglev proposal to the US, innovative technology for train traffic control and more.

September 2014Top

Issue 18 | September 2014
In this issue: The EU’s efforts to form a free trade agreement with Japan’s rail industry, new safety regulation for crude oil transport in the US, a super-luxury train, a futuristic concept for vertical rail hubs, the booming market for rail passenger apps and more.

August 2014Top

Issue 17 | August 2014
In this issue: the viability of high-speed rail in Australia, a new metro for Saudi Arabia’s capital, the new Siemens Class 700 Desiro train for London’s Thameslink network, catching fare dodgers in Barcelona with artificial intelligence, the pitfalls of transit map design and more

July 2014Top

Issue 14 | July 2014
In this issue: Israel’s rail alternative to the Suez Canal, re-opening lines in Britain, Hitachi’s global vision, high-tech customer service and more

June 2014Top

Issue 14 | June 2014
In this issue: The two sides of the HS2 debate, a new streetcar for Washington, DC, finding long-term solutions to water damage on the UK network, new life for decommissioned rail stations and more

May 2014Top

Issue 14 | May 2014
In this issue: Improving disabled access across the UK network, how reopening old rail lines could revive rural areas in Devon and Scotland, a new focus on pedestrian routes between stations and city centres, the switch to mobile ticketing systems, Network Rail’s pledge to increase safety on level crossings and more

April 2014Top

Issue 13 | April 2014
In this issue: software to prevent derailments, integrated wireless connectivity, Scotland’s railway overhaul, the future of the Caledonian Sleeper franchise, the world’s biggest metro systems and more.

March 2014Top

Issue 12 | March 2014
In this issue: London Overground’s success, Hitachi’s UK supply, Europe’s 10 fastest trains, the Starbucks train and more

February 2014Top

Issue 11 | February 2014
In this issue: the $200bn project revolutionising rail travel in the GCC, rail construction management technologies, Manila’s light rail line doubt, UK high-speed mobile broadband plans and more

December 2013Top

Issue 10 | December 2013
In this issue: Hyperloop vs ET3 – our future travel special on tube travel systems, the winner of our Innovations in Safety Award 2013, improving the energy efficiency of locomotives with aerodynamic design, the ten fastest trains in the world, how station design is evolving to improve passenger experience, the mobile ticketing revolution, and more

October 2013Top

Issue 9 | October 2013
In this issue: The impact of 4G technology on rail operations and passenger service, how Canada aims to overhaul safety measures on the country’s network, a futuristic virtual ticketing concept that could change the face of the ticket office, why hydrogen-compatible systems could represent a better long-term fuel investment for operators than natural gas, how a new EU project works on saving energy on subway systems, how human footfalls could be used as an alternative source of energy in stations, and more

August 2013Top

Issue 8 | August 2013
In this issue: Improving safety at level crossings, nominees for the Future Rail Awards 2013, how Deutsche Bahn tackles graffiti damage with unmanned drones, making stations more user-friendly, new research into underground air quality, and more

June 2013Top

Issue 7 | June 2013
In this issue: Russia’s massive investment in rail infrastructure, a unique funding concept for London Underground’s line extension, how free rail fare data could simplify fares for passengers in the UK, the redevelopment of Birmingham New Street Station, the future of LNG and hydrail, and more

April 2013Top

Issue 6 | April 2013
In this issue: Tackling rush hour crowds on busy commuter networks, Network Rail’s investment plan for UK infrastructure, concerns surrounding China’s high-speed expansion, how operators can meet the challenges of adverse weather conditions, and more.

February 2013Top

Issue 5 | February 2013
In this issue: London’s Crossrail stations, Amtrak’s high-speed vision, fire-safe metro carriages, the new Eurostar trains, mobile eTicketing, and more

November 2012Top

Issue 4| November 2012
In this issue: Next-generation trains for high-speed railways, India’s network modernisation plan, a new personal rapid transport system from the team behind Ferrari, Belgium’s air-rail network, the market for rail door systems, and more.

September 2012Top

Issue 3 | September 2012
In this issue: How advanced tracking technology improves punctuality and safety, South Africa’s Transnet project, 3D BMI for station design, the potential of new hydrogen-powered trains, and much more.

August 2012Top

Issue 2 | August 2012
In this issue: London’s Olympic security challenge, driverless metro systems, benefits and challenges of light rail transit, the best airport rail services, carriage interior trends, paperless ticketing, and more.

June 2012 Top

Issue 1 | June 2012
In this issue: New high-speed networks, the BRICs nations’ massive expansions, Eurostar’s next-generation trains, London gears up for Olympic traffic, and more.

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