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As a high-tech manufacturer and innovation pioneer with a very strong emphasis on R&D, voestalpine has a long history in playing a leading role in the development of modern railway rails. We manufacture high-quality rail products and regularly create advanced solutions to benefit our worldwide client-base.

At the core of all our activities is the significant increase of track performance in all rail transportation modes, based on both comprehensive product and system competence.

This is in correlation with a substantial extension of the operational rail service-life, while maintenance interventions are minimised, leading to a considerable and calculable reduction in the total cost of ownership.

To meet this demand, we operate one of the largest dedicated rail rolling mills worldwide based in Austria, featuring a cutting-edge high-volume heat-treatment facility.

Developed in-house, our HSH® (Head Special Hardened) technology enables thermal treatment of 120m ultra-long rails for configuration in any application.

Heat-treated rails for freight and heavy haul routes

We not only offer a comprehensive scope of premium and super-premium heat-treated rail steel grades, but also leading expert advice.

voestalpine Schienen has a global reputation for being a partner in railways that operate with the heaviest axle loads and/or in some of the most challenging operating environments such as the Americas, Africa, the MENA region, and Australia.

Heat-treated premium rails for metro and tram networks

The global urbanisation trend requires the highest levels of efficiency and availability that only heat-treated premium rails can ensure. For this, HSH® rails from voestalpine Schienen are deployed in major existing and new-build metro networks, not only in Europe, but also in various mega-cities such as in India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Further specialities from voestalpine include heat-treated grooved rails for tramway systems, used in the US, throughout Europe, and for example also in Algeria, Qatar, Taipei and Australia.

High-speed rail manufacturing and installation

For speeds up to 300km/h and higher, the logical product of choice is the longest rail with the tightest tolerances. High-speed rails by voestalpine are used throughout numerous diverse environments and markets such as Germany, France and Russia.

We are able to meet requirements even for customers with highly specific demands, including supply of specially coated rails to reduce corrosion such as in the Eurotunnel.

Doubling performance on rail tracks

The key to sustainable success in the modal split competition is a significant performance increase in combination with substantial cost reductions. As a result, railway infrastructure is required to deliver solutions for maximum system availability with the lowest level of maintenance.

At present, the best commercially available rail solution for the mixed passenger and freight traffic is the heat-treated, hypereutectoid rail steel-grade 400 UHC® HSH®. Its micro-structure remains 100% perlitic and is produced using an eco-friendly low-alloy concept, which also ensures proper weldability.

In comparison with the heat-treated 'base grade' R350HT, the new rail solution offers twofold higher resistance to wear and formation of corrugation and twofold higher resistance to rolling contact fatigue (RCF) due to later crack initiation and slower crack propagation.

The 400 UHC® HSH® doubles performance in mixed traffic tracks.

Rail welding: accurate and efficient

As well as excellent application behaviour, new rail steels have to be weldable in-track and easily. In the development of innovative track solutions, voestalpine Schienen involves welding technology right from the start.

Our respective services also include on-site assistance, such as the programming of flash-butt welding machines. To support our customers greater in this specialist area, we went one step further and invested in a Competence Center Welding (CCW).

Fast delivery of premium rails

We ensure delivery on schedule by continuous optimisation of the entire logistics chain. Our specialties are just-in-time supply of 120m ultra-long, weldfree rails to any destination in Europe, as well as long rail deliveries (60m) overseas.

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