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Materials for Rail Construction and Infrastructure Applications

voestalpine Railpro

voestalpine Railpro helps the railway infrastructure industry to achieve maximum network uptime, minimizing total cost of ownership and meeting the highest safety standards.

Using the combination of specialized assets, logistical services and company knowledge, voestalpine Railpro offers unique solutions to material availability and contribute decisively to efficient rail operations worldwide. All products and services are incorporated into a One Stop Shop with our Supply-Logistics-Service model, in short SLS, which is a total supply chain solution.

Components for railway systems

The voestalpine Railpro portfolio includes all materials needed such as electrical components and systems and permanent way materials such as (coated) rails, sleepers, ballast, switches, fastenings systems and level crossings. The company also innovates new improved products like the next generation of insulated rail joints, product enhancement kits, fixed and kinetic buffer stops.

Material availability is guaranteed for clients in railway construction projects, preventive maintenance and fault-clearing due to our just-in-time delivery, demand forecasting and analyzing production scheduling. This material management service assures minimal disruptions in building processes, short project lead times and reduced maintenance costs at all times.

Coated rails provide a solution against corrosion, which often occurs as a result of salt, water, humidity and stray currents in environments nearby coastlines, in tunnels, level crossings, and harbors.
Buffer stops are comprised of robust and solid steel construction with different mounting shoes that fit all flat bottom rails, and can withstand an impact of a moving train, up to 1,250kN.
The newest generation of insulated rail joint doesn’t affect the driving dynamics or the dynamic energy of the train to ensure maximum comfort and minimal wear. It can sustain heavy forces and exposure to different climate conditions without experiencing any defect.
Comprehensive enhancement kits for insulated rail joints enhance a damaged joint to extend its durability until it needs definitive replacement.
Revamped hopper wagons minimise dust forming, while remote and hydraulic controlled lighting enable optimal working, health and safety conditions.

Forward stocking of rail products

voestalpine Railpro offers stock-controlled products directly to railway construction worksites, which are comprised of permanent way materials, signaling and catenary components.

The company also supports the development of specific forward stocking locations to reduce transportation costs and control the distributed inventory. Optimal efficiency is achieved using smart inventory management, which improves the material availability in a detailed geographic area. A barcode and/or radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip-enabled track-and-trace is implemented to enable fast product identification, fewer pick-up errors in warehouses, and access to consumption information and monitor lifetime in track.

In addition all reverse logistics (recycling and disposal) of serviced parts, are organized.

Industry-certified rail treatments

The company’s rail service centre in the Netherlands features its own tracks, loading and unloading platforms, as well as rail connection, with a 40,000t rail storage capacity.

Certified according to the highest European and international standards, the facility offers a wide range of rail treatments such as welding, sawing, drilling, milling, grid blasting and coating.

Comprehensive rail logistics services

As a full-service logistics provider, voestalpine Railpro operates a wagon fleet that contains more than 1,200 railway construction related wagons.

The company offers wagon types such as Fccpps (new ballast), Klmos (old ballast) and Kls (flat bottoms) for short and long-term rentals, with or without supply of new ballast, to interested parties throughout Europe.

voestalpine Railpro recently developed dust-free ballast unloading wagons (SALT), which significantly improve health, safety and working conditions. The company also transports, unloads and retains all flat bottom rails in mixed traffic railway construction worksites.

About voestalpine Railpro

With its committed and proactive workforce of more than 120 employees, voestalpine Railpro supports any rail logistic challenge.

A part of the voestalpine AG Group, the company has gathered large amount of unique knowledge of rail infrastructural products, to create tailor-made rail solutions for any specific client requirement.


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