Ile-de-France Tramway Line 10 runs from Clamart to Antony. Credit: ©Alstom/TOMA – Thibaut Priou.
The new T10 line is 6.8km long and includes 13 stations. Credit: © Île-de-France Mobilités.
Alstom's Citadis X05 trams are operating on the new line. Credit: © Île-de-France Mobilités.

The Ile-de-France Tramway Line 10 (T10) is part of a modernisation programme for the tramway network operating in the Ile-de-France province in Paris, France.

The new line is 6.8km long and connects Antony to Clamart in just 20 minutes. It was developed by Ile-de-France Mobilites, the public transport authority of the Paris Ile-de-France region and the Hauts-de-Seine Departement. It is operated by RATP Cap Ile-de-France.

Construction work on the T10 tram line commenced in 2019 and commercial operations began in June 2023.

The line provides daily mobility to 175,000 residents and 65,000 employees in four municipalities. It is expected to facilitate 25,000 daily trips – a yearly total of 7.3 million journeys.

Ile-de-France Tramway Line 10 details

The T10 tramway line connects La Croix de Berny in Antony to Jardin Parisien in Clamart via Chatenay-Malabry and Le Plessis-Robinson. The line includes 13 stations, including seven in Chatenay-Malabry. Existing roads have been widened and renovated to include cycle lanes and wider sidewalks.

The project also included the development of a maintenance and storage site at Chatenay-Malabry comprising a maintenance hall, a service station and storage lanes.

The average speed on the line is 19km/h. The line is provided with reserved status and priority at intersections to ensure the punctuality and reliability of services.

Ile-de-France T10 route and station details

The T10 begins at the Croix de Berny station and passes through Antony, Chatenay-Malabry and Plessis-Robinson, before arriving at the Parisian Garden at Clamart.

The line’s 13 stations from north to south are Jardin Parisien, Hopital Beclere, Le Hameau, Parc des Sports, Noveos, Malabry, Vallee aux Loups, Cite-Jardin, Les Peintres, Theatre La Piscine, Petit-Chatenay, La Vallee and La Croix de Berny.

The T10 tramway stations feature information display panels, automated ticket machines, Navigo travel card recharging terminals and video surveillance equipment.

It connects to the Reseau Express Regional (RER) B line of the RER rapid transit system and the Trans Val-de-Marne bus line at the La-Croix-de-Berny station. It also connects to the T6 line at Beclere Hospital. Numerous bus routes also lie along its path, making it easy to switch between different modes of transportation.

Rolling stock

The T10 tramway operates Alstom’s Citadis X05 lumiere trams, which are 45m long and can accommodate 314 passengers. Built-in low floors provide level access across the trams and convenient access for disabled passengers, especially wheelchair users.

The trains feature eight double-leaf doors on each side, 45% glass surfaces, 100% LED illumination, eight oversized multimedia screens, USB sockets, air-conditioned interiors and bench seats. Audible and visual announcements guide travellers throughout the journey.

The tram is energy efficient due to its improved energy consumption for traction and auxiliary systems such as LED illumination and air conditioning.


The infrastructure cost for the T10 tramway was €351m ($383m), which was funded by the French state (21%), the Ile-de-France region (49%) and the Departement of Hauts-de-Seine (30%).

The rolling stock, valued at €35m, was funded by Ile-de-France Mobilites.

Contractors involved

Alstom, a transport company, supplied 13 Citadis X05 trams for the new T10 line. The trams were delivered between August 2022 and April 2023. The Citadis X05 trams are also operational on the Ile de France tramway line 9.

Systra, an engineering and consulting company, served as the project manager for the construction of the new tram line.

Transamo, an engineering consultant, provided project management services covering the feasibility studies, commissioning, authorisation processes, and land negotiations.