Under Car Handling

Undercar lifting systems allow engines and other modules to be changed without raising the train.

Sitting in a shallow pit passing under the track, Mechan systems have removable rails that support various axle loads. In normal circumstances, they are latched into place to keep the road open for general maintenance activities and when an exchange is required, the vehicle is positioned with the relevant module located centrally above the rails.

A hydraulic scissor lift trolley is stored with its table top at floor level, creating a pedestrian walkway when not in use. It traverses under the rails from the stowed position and is then raised to take the weight. Once disconnected, the beams can be pushed aside and the table lifted to the required height for removal or replacement, via remote control or hardwired pendant.

The trolley can travel independently of its floor plate, allowing a smaller table top to be attached when removing lighter units, such as gearboxes. When the engine or module has been removed, the table is lowered and traversed to a position where the unit can be collected by forklift or crane.

Rail removal systems

When it is not necessary to detach a complete bogie, rail removal systems offer a cost-effective alternative to exchanging wheelsets and undercar modules.

Various undercar handling options are available to suit the needs of depot operators, including traction motor removal units, manual hydraulic units and undercar manipulators that sit in a centre pit and come with an array of adapters.