Regarding the tramway fastening business, Zhongbo is stronger than any other competitor in the domestic market. In the next ten years, there are about 6,000km of tramlines to be built in China. Zhongbo wins some tenders and we have been awarded contracts for five lines of tramway until next year.

DC-1 system

This type of tramway fastening system is one of Zhongbo’s own designs, used in modern tram lines and installed on sleeper tracks with a shoulder. The DC-1 system offers the following features:

  • Anti-rotating washers
  • No rail inclination
  • Gauge adjustment: ±10mm
  • Height adjustment: 30mm
  • Fast installation
  • Easy access to replacement

WA System

The WA system can be installed on sleeper tracks without a shoulder. It offers:

  • Separate fixing structure design
  • Dislocation clamping type
  • High spring range
  • Flexible height adjustment

JL-1 system

The JL-1 system is used in modern tram lines, and installed on sleeper tracks with a shoulder. Features include:

  • Clamping force from spring blade
  • Double insulation design
  • Designed anti-loosen tooth washers
  • Simple structure that is easy to install and uninstall

WG System

Used in modern tram lines, the WG system can be installed on non-sleeper and non-shoulder tracks. It offers:

  • Good anti-loosen result from tooth washers
  • Good insulation, no metal brace part
  • Stable clamping force
  • Moderate transverse and longitudinal resistance
  • Excellent accessory shape and material
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • High elasticity of baseplate