The TBOGI database (TBOGI-DB) is a web delivery database service that enables TBOGI customers to immediately start benefiting from their TBOGI systems, from the very first train pass captured, without any additional IT investment.

After each train pass, TBOGI produces a data file merged with tag data for each car/wagon. The data files are then sent to TBOGI-DB, where data can be reported for each truck/bogie. TBOGI data can be simultaneously sent to compatible third-party databases, so that railways can see TBOGI data alongside data from other sources.

TBOGI-DB interfaces are accessible to users via secure web browser access, as well as the specially built iOS application, called TBOGI Mobile, available from iTunes App Store.

The iOS TBOGI Mobile app makes it easy to access your TBOGI data remotely. TBOGI Mobile gives you the features of TBOGI-DB, with some added extras.

Use TBOGI-DB to:

  • Evaluate the health of bogies with TBOGI measurements and monitor the evolution of exceptions over time.
  • Provide a comprehensive set of measurements that facilitate the fundamental steps of root cause analysis and maintenance scheduling.
  • Determine the appropriate thresholds upon which exceptions are raised.

Users of TBOGI-DB obtain:

  • Access to processed train data within a few minutes after a train capture.
  • Convenient, any-time access to historical train data via web interface and downloadable (Excel)
  • Visual representations of bogie history, bogie geometry and train consist data.
  • Ability to manage access limits and roles for members of your organization.
  • Data analysis support provided via email, phone and conference call.

TBOGI-DB main features:

  • Train reports
  • Wagon reports
  • Loco reports
  • Exception reports
  • Repeats reports
  • Statistics reports
  • Graphing tools

Special Features available via TBOGI Mobile:

  • Set a customisable Watch List
  • Trend indicator arrows
  • Top 10 report across severity and repeats

The TBOGI-DB service is provided by WID on its own dedicated servers located in a secure hosted environment. Users require only a web browser (or an iOS device) to immediately access their information from anywhere though intuitive web-based interfaces.

With the near real-time data reporting and historical trending tools of TBOGI-DB, users can identify present-day defect, as well as predict their occurrence. Also, by treating the root causes, TBOGI users can stop the same issues from reforming, and thus avoid repeating costly maintenance for recurring symptoms.