WID product lead

Wayside Inspection Device’s (WID) truck bogie optical geometry inspection and hunting detection system (TBOGI-HD) is a wayside solution that measures the geometry and stability of each wheelset and bogie.

These are the critical parameters necessary to evaluate the wheel-rail interface of every bogie that passes the TBOGI-HD system. The system supports the industry’s goals to:

  • Improve operational safety by minimising derailments
  • Increase the asset lifespan of rail infrastructure
  • Increase the asset lifespan of wheels and bogie components
  • Improve efficiency by reducing the cost of rolling stock inspection and maintenance

TBOGI-HD is used by freight, heavy haul, and passenger railways around the world. The system has a solid history of being reliable and accurate, and of providing significant cost savings for both rolling stock and rail infrastructure.

The TBOGI-HD system is installed next to the rails, outside the clearance envelope. The system uses laser technology to measure the tracking behaviour (geometry) and stability (hunting) of wheelsets and bogies.

When the wheel-rail interface is compromised, TBOGI-HD data shows the degeneration of the defect from inception through to critical status. Accurate thresholds can be set to prevent severe wear to the rolling stock and rail infrastructure, and to prevent derailment risks.

The TBOGI system offers a simple, cost-effective solution to the fundamental issue of optimising the wheel-rail interface.

TBOGI-HD offers the following features and benefits:

  • The laser-based system accurately measures the angle of attack and the tracking position of each wheelset on a train passing at speeds of up to 300km/h
  • The hunting detection describes hunting bogies and lateral instability using standard units (mm displacement, frequency, wave length) that have physical meaning, rather than a meaningless index
  • As the system is installed on tangent track, it does not require a special track layout
  • Non-contact sensors are installed at a safe distance from passing trains, and do not interfere with track maintenance work
  • The measurements are accurate, regardless of weather and rail lubrication conditions
  • The system is simple to install and maintain
  • The system is proven to be railroad-tough, highly reliable, and cost-effective