Combined motor connection cables

Our flexible motor connection cables are used for motors that allow the installation of a combined cable with supply and control cores (thermal contact / brake to stop). The cables are suitable for dry, damp and wet conditions as well as low temperatures.

Feedback and transmission cables

Our feedback and transmission cables are used to control motor speed and to give feedback values. Transmission cables produce transmit control pulses for positioning and procedure characteristics; e.g. connection of speedo, brake and pulse generators.

Motor connection cables for DNC motors 0.6/1kV

These cables are suitable for fixed installation and flexible use; for example, in machine and industrial plant construction with average mechanical demand in dry, damp and wet conditions.

Our servo cable portfolio includes the following products:

  • PUR motor connection cables 0.6/1kV
  • PVC motor connection cables 0.6/1kV
  • Motor feedback cables with overall copper screen
  • Transmission cables with overall copper screen
  • Motor connection, feedback and transmission cables with UL / CSA approvals