Today, over 20% of infrastructure unavailability is due to various control system failures. The OPTIFLO suite brings together Bombardier’s full range of rail control service solutions – from help desks and technical support through to asset, configuration and obsolescence management – that keep railway systems running.

Based on proven technology, OPTIFLO solution enables operators to easily and swiftly build a comprehensive, tailored, single solution to take the next step in avoiding service disruptions, while improving operation and reducing costs, safeguarding their investment in rail control systems.

The newest features of the OPTIFLO suite include:

EBI Tool maintenance & diagnostic centre (MDC)

The EBI Tool MDC provides operators the ability to identify hidden problems and prevent failures and disruption. The system goes beyond real-time system condition monitoring and reactive maintenance measures to provide new capabilities.

  • Intelligent analysis: using data from Bombardier sub-systems and third-party assets, the system is able to detect failure patterns and correlations and identify the root causes of problems.
  • Predictive maintenance: precise algorithms anticipate failures and enable preventive maintenance actions, saving operators up to 40% in reactive maintenance costs and driving improvements in availability and ultimately end-user satisfaction.

Cybersecurity assessment and solutions

The OPTIFLO suite features innovative service solutions for cybersecurity to ensure operators are always in control of their railways, providing:

  • Automated risk and security assessment for rail signalling systems
  • Bombardier solutions that mitigate or close any rail signalling vulnerabilities