Series PCMDS80 and PCMDS150

Compact, encapsulated DC/DC converters with 80W and 150W output power operate according to the push-pull principle; i.e. the input dc-voltage is chopped by two push-pull working transistors with a frequency of approximately 70kHz.

With the help of a transformer and a secondary linear choke, a galvanically isolated output voltage (5.1V; 12V; 13.8V; 24V; 27.6V or 48V) is produced which is adjusted by pulse-width modulation according to the current mode principle.

The converters are available with a wide input range for battery voltages of 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V, 96V and 110V acc. EN 50 155 and are also available acc. to NFF 16 101 and NFF 16 102, Level F1I2. The converters need no ground load and are short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limiting. Cooling is achieved by free convection.