The first-of-its-kind omni-directional, broadband rooftop antenna has an integrated connected compute module, cellular radios, Wi-Fi access point and GNSS receiver. It provides power and data via a single ethernet cable, and is designed to meet the special requirements of railway applications, including high current and high voltage protection.


  • Railway rooftop omni-directional antenna with integrated compute module and radios.
  • Power and Data provided via a single PoE+ M12 X-Pol cable assembly.
  • 4×4 MIMO 4G and 5G integrated radio options connected to separate antenna elements.
  • 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi access point connected to separate antenna elements.
  • L1 Multibands GNSS antenna and receiver
  • Certified for railway standards EN 50155, EN 45545-2 and NFPA-130


  • Integrated product simplifies deployment of 4×4 MIMO train-to-ground systems on trains.
  • ARM based compute module allows users to deploy application software directly on the antenna.
  • No RF cables required.


Railway rooftop train-to-ground communication

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