Kinematic-energy recovery system

INGEBER TM is a solution to allow substations reversibility for 750Vdc, 1,500Vdc and 3,000Vdc systems

The system developed by INGETEAM  to recover kinematic energy in railways, which solves existing energy braking recovery limitations, feeding back to the electricity grid the energy that would be burnt on the train’s resistance. The energy can also be used internally or stored.

INGEBER is a DC/AC converter, acts pumping the energy from the railways system. The equipment will be configurated under the basis of proven standardized Basic Power Modules taking into account customer´s needs and savings pre-viewed.

INGEBER has already been installed in Bilbao Metro (1,500Vdc), Brussels STIB (750Vdc), Bielefeld / Germany (750Vdc), Barcelona Metro (1,500Vdc), ADIF (Malaga / Spain) suburban railways (3,000Vdc).

INGETEAM amounts more than 20 systems installed.

Key advantages

The system’s power is planned based on the savings pre-viewed by the customer and not on total installed power, hence costs are adjusted.

Its use does not modify substantially the current substation installations, thus high-cost elements like the transformer can be reused.

With this device, it is possible to separate the train’s energy saving function from the train’s operating function, by not linking its recovery and consumption operations.