Bombardier’s full range of rail control products includes:

  • Integrated control systems
  • Computer and relay based interlocking systems
  • Automatic train protection and train operation systems
  • Radio based rail control and signalling systems
  • Wayside equipment

These systems are designed to increase availability and line capacity and to meet the requirements of every railway operator.

Integrated control systems

EBI Screen central traffic control room systems manage, control and supervise train movement for mainline and mass transit over a wide geographical area. Traffic controllers follow train movements on computer screens which show current train routes, point positions, signal aspects, and train positioning.

The system is capable of handling mixed traffic environments with high-speed, freight and commuter traffic and is flexible, with an open interface to peripherals such as passenger information displays (PIDs), public announcements (PA), ticketing machines, power supplies, SCADA, CCTV and radio communication.

EBI Com radio block centre transfers the train position sent by radio to the interlocking systems. Information about train routes from the interlocking systems is sent to the EBI Com radio block centre and converted into movement authorities to be sent out to the individual trains.

It forms part of our CITYFLO communication-based train control solution for mass transit and part of our ERTMS-compliant INTERFLO 150 and INTERFLO 450 mainline signalling solutions.

EBI Cab automatic train control (ATC) onboard equipment – ensures that train movements on mainlines and mass transit networks are carried out safely and in accordance with movement authorities, by continuously monitoring train speed.

EBI Cab informs the driver when it is time to brake and initiates braking (if necessary) to keep the train at a safe speed. It is designed to increase traffic capacity and safety by allowing higher speeds and shorter headways between trains.

EBI Cab systems have been in use for over 25 years and can be used for high-speed trains to meet the demanding functional and safety requirements of ERTMS/ETCS. Automatic train operation (ATO) can be added to the system where required for driverless trains.

Wayside equipment

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking systems lock and release train routes on mainlines and mass transit networks. They supervise and control wayside objects such as signals, point machines and level crossing protection.

The systems are designed for quick installation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness and are easily adapted to different signalling principles. The interlocking systems are built on established safety principles and fail-safe signalling technology.

Design and maintenance software

EBI Tool design and maintenance software – provides an integrated software environment for adaptation, engineering, installation, test, commissioning and maintenance of mainline and mass transit solutions.

Engineering can be achieved quickly and efficiently. It generates site data automatically, as well as manufacturing schedules for cables and object controller cabinets. It is also ideal for reconfiguring existing systems when the system is upgraded or extended.