The rail clip is a boltable, adjustable, self-blocking clip with high clip strength. The adjustability is secured by means of the square taper washer.

There are types for M16, M20, and M24 fastening material. The rail clip is especially used with crane tracks on a steel girder or on a concrete foundation with a steel sole plate. The height of the railway clip is variable, so there is a suitable clip for virtually every rail type, including nibless / without cone variants to suit rails from 10kg/m up to 56kg/m.

We have extensive experience in the rail industry and a high level of expertise in this specialised field. Our rail clip products are designed in such a way to allow fine adjustment for alignment, while at the same time, providing a self locking effect against the force of the crane. The rail clips can be fixed by being bolted or welded to the structure.

The rail elastic clips are used with concrete sleeper to fasten rails on both sides. The rail clips are usually made of forged spring steel, which are manufactured via a hot forging process. The forged rail clips are considered to be better than other metal solutions due to their uniform microstructure.

For example, the production process of W14 rail clip involves raw materials inspection, cutting, heating, forging, quenching, tempering, inspection and testing.

The rail clip offers the following features:

  • Materials: 60Si2Cr, 55SiMn, 38Si7
  • Hardness: HRC 42-4
  • Fatigue life: three to five million cycles
  • Surface: plain oiled, oxygen black, zinc-plated, hot dip galvanised, dacro coating
  • Standards: GB/T 1222, DIN 17221
  • MOQ: 5,000 pieces